Watch The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Support Then Oppose Then Support Firearm Background Checks (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre is totally fricking nuts. Unfortunately for him, his newest online video won’t ameliorate his reputation for being a well-financed escaped mental patient.

Cutting to the chase, LaPierre’s video goes something like this:

1) Background checks should be expanded.
2) Background checks shouldn’t be expanded.
3) The NRA helped create background checks!

I’m not exaggerating. LaPierre opens by discussing how the NRA has been actively pushing for the background check system to be augmented to include mental health records, which, LaPierre says, would’ve prevented a long list of recent mass shootings. By the way, smart move, Wayne. Thanks for reminding us about some of the most tragic gun related killing sprees of our lifetime. I’m not sure whether acknowledging the roster of homicidal killers is the best way to pitch the NRA’s pro-gun position, but there it is.

He continued by taking a sharp right-hand turn — criticizing the expansion of background checks to include gun shows and internet sales after having just seconds earlier supporting the idea. See, apparently expanding background checks to include mentally ill people is somehow better than expanding them to include gun shows.

The video wraps with yet another whiplash-inducing pivot. LaPierre explains how the NRA was instrumental in establishing the National Instant Check System in the first place, an obvious admission that the NRA once supported a gun-regulation measure, the expansion of which is now inexplicably forbidden.


The bottom line: yes, the system could be heftier. The problem is that LaPierre and his flying monkeys spend millions of dollars intimidating or buying-off lawmakers who render ineffective any efforts to improve the system. In other words, any weaknesses in the system can almost entirely be blamed on the NRA. And if a bill that fortifies the system is introduced, the NRA will inevitably kill it. Why? Anything that makes it more difficult for consumers to buy guns will be opposed simply because the NRA is solely tasked with selling guns. LaPierre knows the Second Amendment is nothing more than a convenient marketing gimmick for selling deadly weapons to sociopaths.


Featured image via video screen grab