Maddow Compares Trump To 1968 Racist Candidate George Wallace: The Similarity Is Shocking (VIDEO)

Some political pundits have been unable to describe how Donald Trump manages to maintain his popularity. With his escalating hateful rhetoric, personal insults, and generally obnoxious behavior, many have settled their confusion by pretending there is no way he can win the Republican primary. The problem with that is, all polls show he can.

Rachel Maddow uncovered what seems to be the secret to Trump’s success. It appears that he took his complete strategy for how to run a presidential campaign from 1968’s Racist Alabama Governor George Wallace. This explains a lot about how Trump’s campaign of disgusting hate has been able to flourish so easily among regressive conservatives in America.

If you use a little imagination and think Trump and Muslims, instead of Wallace and African-Americans, the parallels will suddenly become clear. Like Rachel said, “Close your eyes and just listen to the news reports from that election. It’s almost like they’re talking about Donald Trump.”

Watch Rachel’s presentation comparing Trump and George Wallace below:

What Rachel pointed out was incredibly significant. The comparisons are eerie and even if you were to take the direct comparisons of Trump and Wallace out of the picture, the supporters – who you couldn’t possibly say were imitating each other intentionally – are virtually identical in the thoughts they convey about why they support their candidate.

Rachel finished the segment by making a great point:

“Donald Trump has something that Republican voters like. They liked it the last time that he offered it to them for a short period of time,” she said. “And now they like it this time, as well — it’s the same type of significant popularity. It just hasn’t gone away this time around because he hasn’t stopped running this time around like he did in 2012.”

She’s right. Trump offered up the same fare in the 2012 presidential campaign and got a huge amount of support from it. If he had chosen to invest himself fully the last time around, he could have taken the nomination from Romney, who was universally panned by the Republican establishment right up until he was their only choice.

The question now is: what will happen when Trump ends up on the ballot? A couple years after Wallace was officially in an election, he was shot. Could Trump’s hate speech eventually become that kind of liability?

Featured image via Youtube