Bristol Palin Being Sued For Custody And Child Support, Probably Wishes She Had Practiced Abstinence Now

Bristol Palin brought this upon herself. After all, she could have just practiced what she preached. Now, it’s her turn to take responsibility.

But she didn’t, and now the daughter of America’s village idiot has a second out-of-wedlock baby by a second dude, who now wants Bristol to pay him child support as well as give him joint physical custody of the little girl named Sailor Grace.

Palin has already been embroiled in battles with her other baby daddy Levi Johnston over their 7-year-old son Tripp. And now she gets to battle Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online:

“The parties have reached a final custody and visitation agreement for residing in the same community and have executed, personally and through their attorneys, a confidential stipulation regarding custody. Therefore, the only pending issue to be addressed by the Court is the matter of past and future child support.”

And Bristol Palin isn’t the struggling single mom she pretends to be. She has a lot of money to make child support payments.

After getting knocked up and giving birth the first time around, Palin became a paid spokesperson for for an abstinence-only campaign, making $262,000 in 2009 alone. And then she got a $100,000 payday by selling her story to In Touch Weekly. And Palin owned a $400,000 modern lakefront home in Alaska, pictures of which you can see here.

Combine all of that with the millions of dollars her mom has suckered from conservatives across the country via donations and book sales and it becomes quite clear that Bristol can afford to pay child support.

One would think Bristol would learn her lesson by now. But apparently she’s quite comfortable being paid to preach abstinence while having sex and babies with any guy she meets. The hypocrisy is stunning and makes it hard to feel sorry for her.

For years now, she has criticized women and girls for being irresponsible when it comes to sex and birth control. Now it’s time for her to take responsibility for her own actions, which means she should have to pay child support in a timely manner so that her child can have at least one parent who has some discipline and isn’t a spoiled brat who whines all the time.

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