Rush Limbaugh Squirms And Stammers As A Caller Debunks His LIES About Guns And Obama (VIDEO)

Just about every day, Rush Limbaugh’s big fat lies are systematically exposed and debunked online by a variety of sources, and it never stops being awesome. But when it comes from one of his own dittoheads — and on his own show, no less — it’s especially entertaining. Not only is it fun to hear callers stick it to him, it’s even more fun to watch Limbaugh squirm and pluck his chest, desperately struggling to wiggle out of the call.

Such was the case on Tuesday following President Obama’s executive order to expand background checks and to provide additional funding for mental health treatment and new resources for the FBI and the ATF.

During the January 5 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh was ranting about something he yanked out of his diseased bunghole, suggesting that Obama’s executive order forces patients to tell their doctors where they’re storing their firearms and ammo. Of course, this is total hooey, and Limbaugh would’ve continued to elaborate on his lie if it hadn’t been for an industrious and “pro-gun” caller who totally undermined Limbaugh’s entire rant with the, you know, facts.

Hashtag flop-sweat.

The caller noted that there are, in fact, state-level statutes in place already that mandate doctors to ask mental health patients if they believe they’re a danger to themselves, but there’s nothing in either state law or Obamacare or in Obama’s executive order demanding that doctors known where patients are hiding their weapons. Nothing. It doesn’t exist. Limbaugh made it up.

Via Media Matters:

CALLER: [Y]ou’re telling a half-truth, at least for my state — a half-truth for my state. You need to get the information from the pamphlets that were sent out to health professionals at that time for each state. And we weren’t — it does not say you ask where the gun is. It asks sensible things like “are you going to hurt yourself?” If they are, of course, stupid enough to say yes, you’re, you know — do you have access to ways — are you planning on hurting someone else? But nothing on that says that I have to ask him, “Where is your gun?” and so forth. I got that information and that was from my state, not from Obama. That was from my state, and I know federal trickles down to state, but I take a little issue with some of your blanket statements when most of it was common sense prior to that, but it is state statute in Illinois a long time ago that if, say grandma has dementia and she lives with you, that you have a certain way to store that, and that’s just called gun responsibility.

Limbaugh stammered and tried desperately to dodge the truth. The caller, meanwhile, kept hammering away, noting that it’s perfectly acceptable to, for instance, call the police if we think someone in our household is a danger to him or herself. The caller refers to this action as a “civic responsibility.”

Needless to say, Limbaugh’s call-screener will likely be spending the New Year looking for a new job.

By the way, you have to listen to the audio of the call just to hear Limbaugh completely choking on the truth.

Featured image via video screen grab.