Christian Fundamentalist A**hole Leaves Waiter A Dirty Trick For A Tip (IMAGES)

Garret Wayman, a 17-year-old waiter in Wichita, Kansas, tweeted photos of a $20 dollar tip he received while working where it quickly went viral. The reason? The $20-dollar bill that was left underneath a ketchup bottle turned out to be note left by a fundamentalist Christian, that was only disguised as a $20-dollar bill.

The note, once opened, reads, “Don’t be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money.” This is followed by a very long argument as to why a person should read the Bible, and become a Christian.


Photo Courtesy: Garret Wyman via Twitter

Besides being an incredibly cruel trick of the note being made to look like a $20-dollar bill, the note is essentially just like any other piece of propaganda a proselyting Christian might hand out on the street. The person who left the note apparently wants it to be made very clear that Wyman cannot be truly happy until he finds Jesus.

“Things and people will disappoint you. Nothing in this world will really satisfy. That is because there is a void in your life that can only be filled by God, who created you,” the note reads.


Photo Courtesy: Garret Wyman via Twitter

“I’m 17-years-old, $7,000 in debt because I had to buy myself a car, juggling full-time school, and working seven days a week,” Wayman told Tech Insider, adding that he was excited to see the cash at first because “getting a $20 tip at the restaurant I work at is very, very rare.”

Restaurant servers make almost nothing without tips. So it is understandable why Wayman is angry about the trick that was played on him.

“He just left that,” Wayman said. “I wanted to tell him that I only make $3 an hour and bust my a– at my job to make way less than I deserve, but he was gone by the time I had the chance to.”

The internet has no love for people who are rude to servers in general. People in the service industry work hard for almost no pay, and are almost entirely dependent on the tips they receive. I’m sure that to the deranged individual who left this “tip” probably thinks that they were doing a good deed. But all they did is just show the world once again how horrible religious proselytizers actually are.

Featured Image Credit: Screenshot via Twitter