Someone Put A Hitler Quote On Trump’s Picture — His Fans Didn’t Even Notice (SCREENSHOTS)

You know, it’s easy to say Donald Trump is just like Hitler. Really easy. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the easiest, “Donald Trump is literally Hitler” registers at the lowest point. Perhaps lower.

Trump has become known for being the mouthpiece for everything racist and horrible his bigoted fans want to say. Build a wall to keep brown people out? Sure. All Mexicans are rapists? We’ll go with that. Force Muslims to register in a national database and wear special little badges like a certain moustachioed German dictator? Go Donald! Ban all Muslims from entering the United States even if they are coming back from vacation? Hope they like where they went! Round them up into concentration camps? Don’t worry — it’s only a temporary measure.

Trump’s candidacy has greatly helped the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups recruit. Neo-Nazi playground Stormfront has even had to upgrade its servers to handle all the new traffic Trump is generating, and it’s not abnormal to see fans beat up minorities who speak up for themselves (don’t worry — Trump says they are just people who want to “make America great again”) or scream “White Power” at a rally. He’s even been known to share images of German soldiers marching in front of the White House and Neo-Nazi propaganda on Twitter, and to keep a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside for light reading.

It’s also no secret that Trump’s supporters, who polls reveal are mostly racist and uneducated individuals who don’t care if he lies or even forces Jews to register in a national database. So, what happens when you take a photo of a candidate who is just like Hitler, slap one of Adolf’s more famous quotes on it, and present it as if The Donald himself said it? One brave soul decided to find out:


The individual, who asked us to blur his name, shared a meme bearing Hitler’s words to the Facebook group, “The Trump Party,” attributing the words instead to the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful.


The meme was shared 28 times, and accumulated 103 “likes” in 11 hours. It was, in short, wildly popular when compared to other posts in that group. But surely someone noticed? Someone had to have fact-checked the quote. At least one person took a few seconds to verify its authenticity, right? Wrong.

“A sack fulla amens on that one!!!!” one person wrote. “#TRUMPFORPRESIDENT.” Another chimed in, “Amen,” while one lady said “that’s why we love you Mr Trump.” Still others wished him well on his way to the White House, and one even said “his” quote “resembles Thomas Jefferson” and another explained that “no one says it like trump and always proven right.” Another informed everyone that “Obama is a Muslim.” Of 22 individual commenters, not a single person realized that the quote came from Adolf Hitler. Or, of course, it is possible that none of them cared.

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…Holy f*ck.

Whether you support Clinton or Sanders in the primary, remember — the next President will be nominating at least two Supreme Court Justices — and if Trump becomes President, they might end up being far to the Right of Antonin Scalia. Think about that.

If anyone needs motivation to vote next November, this is it. These people will be almost assuredly going to the polls.

It’s scientifically-backed that conservatives are stupid — but seeing it in action is always depressing.

Featured image via screengrab