Obama Rubs The Success Of His Iran Treaty In The GOP’s Face With One Simple Tweet

President Obama must be laughing he ass off as his efforts to make the world a better and safer place continue to pay off despite Republican efforts to block him. The nuclear treaty with Iran must be especially tasty since it pretty much eliminated any pretense a future Republican president would have to start a new war in the Middle East. To rub this fact in the face of Republicans, the official White House twitter feed for the @IranDeal put out the following infographic:

Remember when Iran was the Most Dangerous Country™ in the world and we HAD to invade it? Why, they were going to nuke Israel at any second! They were going to give nukes to ISIS (even though they hate each other) so ISIS could nuke America! They were going to take over the entire Middle East! Hell, the “liberal” mainstream media was so excited at the idea of a new war to boost ratings that they were running a 24/7 “be afraid of Iran” telethon.

But then Obama did what he does best. He got important work done quietly and hid it from the Republicans until they couldn’t sabotage it anymore. Not that they didn’t try anyway, going so far as to commit borderline treason. I guess when you hate the president more than you love America, placing the country at risk just isn’t a consideration.

Aside from denying Republicans the war they so desperately crave, Obama showed that diplomacy still works when it’s done by grown ups and not little boys with daddy issues yelling “Bring it on!” We don’t have to drop bombs on everyone to get them to play nice. Adults can settle problems without resorting to fearmongering. For waging peace instead of war, Obama will go down in Republican history as the most reviled president of all time.

With a legacy like this, it’s no wonder President Obama always has a smile on his face.

Featured image via AI archives.