WATCH: Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling TOTALLY LIES To His Viewers About Funding Abortions (VIDEO)

One of modern conservatism’s favorite tactics is to assume like-minded followers won’t bother to know or look up facts. For example, several days ago, we talked about Meghan McCain who scolded The Washington Post for satirizing Ted Cruz’s use of his children in campaign ads. McCain was shocked and said no one on the conservative side has ever done such a thing. Of course, she was horrendously mistaken. Republicans have been merciless against Chelsea Clinton and, to a lesser extent, the Obama daughters.

Another example is how the GOP takes advantage of the fact that very few Republicans know the difference between the deficit and the national debt, hence they’re able to mix and match the two numbers, especially knowing that Obama has reduced the deficit by a trillion dollars.

One last example. In reality, the birth control mandate in Obamacare only covers “morning after” pills that prevent fertilization — not implantation. But the Republicans want us to believe that the “morning after” pills covered in the law are abortifacients — they induce abortions when they actually don’t. Obamacare doesn’t cover any “morning after” pills that destroy fertilized ova. It just doesn’t. The GOP wants you to think otherwise, and consequently many Democrats, in addition to Republicans, believe the lie.

Along those lines, last night on Fox News Channel’s The Five, Eric Bolling and Dana Perino did it again. They assumed their viewers aren’t aware of the existence of the Hyde Amendment, making it illegal for the government to provide funding for abortion services — whether the recipient is Planned Parenthood or any other medical facility. It’s entirely against the law to do so, hence the government doesn’t fund abortions. Duh.

And yet, this happened on The Five:

DANA PERINO: A couple of things though, Planned Parenthood, they bring up the defunding Planned Parenthood. Here’s the box that Republicans are in. So when you’re in a competitive primary, and you have to run to try to win that, you have to deal with what your party wants, okay? That party might want repeal. But Planned Parenthood defunding, that actually polls so negatively for the GOP. It has about, funding Planned Parenthood has about a 65 to 70% approval rate so that makes it very difficult then when you switch to go to a general election. Where I think Hillary Clinton is more vulnerable than they will admit is on Obamacare. If you look at Kentucky, for example, where we had a special election in 2014, the Republican candidate was not expected to win, he was down by about a touchdown, he won by about a touchdown. And this has the Democrats worried, because that and all the exit polls was mostly about Obamacare.


GREG GUTFELD: Eric, Why can’t they discuss the topic of national security?

ERIC BOLLING: It’s a lose for them. She just highlighted all the things that they think they’re winning. Dana points out Planned Parenthood. There is a way to defund the abortion part of Planned Parenthood. But the Republicans haven’t figured out how to do that. Just separate the two. There’s women’s services and there’s abortion. You want to fund women’s services, knock yourself out. Just don’t meld them. It’s so easy, it’s a Chinese wall.

The Republicans haven’t figured out the existence of the Hyde Amendment? It’s only been around for 22 years. In other words, the Republicans don’t have to de-fund a goddamn thing. All they have to do is to remind their voters that it’s already illegal to provide money for abortion services. And yet they continue to operate as if they have to de-fund something that’s already de-funded. Hence, the tactic of pandering to the base’s ignorance. The other side to this issue is even more horrendous: the GOP doesn’t care if Planned Parenthood is entirely de-funded. Why? Because the GOP doesn’t give a flying rip about women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, and a solid percentage of Republicans would prefer that birth control is banned as well.

Featured image via video screen grab.