President Obama’s Number Of Vacation Days Proves That Republicans Are The Real Lazy Ones

President Obama has taken less vacation days in SEVEN YEARS than Republicans have given themselves EACH YEAR since taking over Congress in 2010.

Once again, President Obama and his family took their annual holiday trip to his home state of Hawaii to celebrate Christmas with relatives, and of course, that means conservatives went berserk about how lazy Obama is and how he isn’t doing his job even though the job travels with the President no matter where he goes.

But all it takes is simple math to discover that President Obama’s work ethic is far greater than Republicans and makes them look like the real lazy ones. Republicans may not understand math, but when we run the numbers, it becomes clear that they commit hypocrisy every time they complain about President Obama taking time off from the daily grind of the presidency.

Last December, CBS News reported that the number of vacation days President Obama has taken since the beginning of his presidency stood at 161 days. If you add the 28 days of vacation he has taken this yea, including his summer vacation and his Christmas vacation, his total comes to 189 days.

Unless you are a Republican who hates President Obama no matter what, it’s hard to criticize the president for needing a break from one of the hardest jobs in the world. But Republicans do it anyway and embarrass themselves in the process.

That’s because Congress releases their official schedule every year, and if you look at that schedule you can count how many days off Republicans have given themselves.

In short, Republicans give themselves more days off each year than President Obama has taken throughout his entire presidency.

In 2011, just after taking over Congress from Democrats who had presided over one of the most productive Congresses in American history, Republicans took 190 days off. In 2012, Republicans gave themselves 212 days off. In 2013, Republicans got even lazier and less productive by taking 239 days off. They also gave themselves 230 days off in 2014 and 232 days off in 2015. And in a direct ‘screw you’ to the American people, Republicans have given themselves 255 days off in 2016.

That adds up to 1,358 days off for Republicans in Congress over six years compared to President Obama’s 189 days off over seven years. Who’s lazy now?

And if you compare President Obama’s number of vacation days to the number of days taken by a pair of his Republican predecessors, it makes Republicans look lazy across the board. Ronald Reagan, for instance, took 390 days of vacation. George W. Bush took even more days off, vacationing for 879 days or nearly three years of his presidency as America fought two wars and fear of terrorist attacks ran high.

While President Obama has worked hard for the American people, Republican lawmakers continue to cash-in their taxpayer-funded $174,000 a year salary for doing nothing. They take far more days off than President Obama does, and when they do show up for work, they do what they can to screw over the American people they are supposed to work for. Frankly, any employee at a business who took that much time off and used their work hours to hurt their employer would be fired. But Republicans do that every day while whining about President Obama taking a few days off. It’s almost like they expect him to work 24/7/365 like a slave. The reality is, however, that Republicans are lazy bottom-feeders who suck on the government teat while neglecting to do the jobs they are paid to do while President Obama actually works for a living.

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