Christian Extremists ‘Celebrated’ Christmas By Attacking Muslims And Their Places Of Worship (VIDEO)

The Christmas season should be a time for reconnecting with our loved ones, celebrating the goodness in our lives and commiserating the bad. Instead, Christian extremists spent it attacking Muslims and their places of worship.

As Think Progress reports:

On December 10, CAIR’s offices in Washington, D.C. received a powdery substance and a hate message. Although the CAIR office said it is accustomed to receiving hateful messages, the powder substance was new and people had to be evacuated from the building, with the exception of a few semi-quarantined staff members.

On December 11, a fire at a Southern California mosque, the Islamic Society of Coachella Valley in Coachella, was determined to be a hate crime by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Coachella Police Department.

And on Christmas Eve, a Richmond, California man, William Celli, who was charged with making threats against Muslims and who expressed anti-Muslim rhetoric on social media, was released from police custody. Police searched his home after they received a tip that he may have had an explosive device. Richmond Mayor Tom Butt later released a statement, which commended the police department “for their work in stopping what could have been a tragic attack in our community.”

But it didn’t end there. On Christmas day itself, a Houston mosque was set on fire. Houston Fire department responded to the two-alarm fire just an hour after hundreds of worshippers filled the mosque. They later confirmed that the fire was set intentionally. MJ Khan of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, told local news crew KHOU:

“It’s a place of worship. It’s Christmas day,”

“There were Friday prayers and everyone was here doing their prayers and then this happened.”

The investigation must continue to establish the culprits, but the finger of suspicion has fallen on the same Christian extremists who have been conducting hate-filled attacks against the mosques in the preceding days, weeks and months.

There is simply no place in America for citizens who cannot respect the First Amendment, which guarantees every American freedom of speech and religious expression. Religious freedom is not the preserve of Christians, it is the constitutional right of every man, woman and child in the land. Mormon, Buddhist, Pagan, Muslim — the constitution protects a person’s right to pray to whomever they choose. Anyone who violates that right is not only a bigot, they are profoundly unAmerican.

Featured Image via NationStates Forum – this image features a Lebanese mosque burned down by Christian soldiers in 2014. It is used for illustrative purposes only.