WATCH: Meghan McCain Falsely Says GOP Didn’t Bully Chelsea Clinton Or Obama’s Kids (VIDEO)

With the internet at our disposal, there’s really no excuse for making ridiculously misinformed statements like the one Meghan McCain delivered on Fox News the other day. I mean, there’s Google. And devices everywhere. Look it up — or shut up.

So, John McCain’s daughter defended Ted Cruz against a controversial editorial cartoon published by The Washington Post, illustrating the Republican presidential candidate’s young daughters as trained monkeys. After Cruz and most of the Republican Party complained, the cartoon was removed.

Meghan said:

“It’s exhausting to have this double-standard. This is nothing that would have ever been done or said about the Obama daughters or Hillary Clinton’s daughter, or Chelsea Clinton’s soon-to-be granddaughters herself.”

Oh really? First of all, Chelsea Clinton doesn’t have any “granddaughters,” soon-to-be or otherwise — unless “soon-to-be” means, oh, 25 years from now. Secondly, McCain might be too young to remember the 1990s when a well-known Arizona senator blurted the following joke about Chelsea Clinton:

“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Classy. Yeah, that was Meghan’s Dad, John McCain, speaking at a Republican event in 1998. Because it’s “nothing that would have ever been done or said” about Chelsea Clinton. Along those lines, I’m old enough to remember the 1990s when prominent Republicans compared Chelsea to the Clinton family dog.

Additionally, both Limbaugh and Glenn Beck repeatedly mocked the Obama daughters on their respective shows, imitating Sasha and Malia Obama with what was arguably the most annoying voices in the world. Beck was particularly tasteless, saying:

“Daddy … Why do you hate black people so much?” At one point, Beck attacked Obama’s daughters’ intelligence, saying: “Is that’s their — that’s the level of their education, that they’re coming to — they’re coming to daddy and saying ‘Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?’ “

See, a double standard is when bullies torment and accost children, then get all butthurt when it’s time for comeuppance.

Meghan either doesn’t know recent history or she’s deliberately and cynically calculating that the bubble-dwellers watching Fox News don’t have the memory or attention span to remember what really happened. And what really happened makes Meghan’s Dad look even more ghoulish than he already is.

Featured image via video screen grab.