WATCH: A Muslim Group Did Something To Teach ‘Christians’ That Hate Them A Thing Or Two (VIDEO)

In a huge contradiction of everything Republicans have been saying for the past year, a group of Muslims chose to not only help others celebrate Christmas, but they did it in one of the most heartwarmingly Christian ways possible.

Volunteers from the America Muslim Voice foundation spent Christmas Eve serving one thousand meals to the homeless at the Loaves and Fishes kitchen in Sacramento California. Dr. Firdos Sheikh, a member of the group, said, “When you feel hunger, you automatically understand the giving part of it and not being able to watch someone go hungry.” She went on to say that her group was happy that they were able to help others have a better Christmas but wished that they could have done more to help.

First-time volunteer, Kiran Fareed, had this to say:

“Giving one day of our time isn’t that much. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces the children and the families is definitely a meaningful experience. When [my non-Muslim friends] hear all these things about Muslims, you know, with so many things being said, [I say to people] look around you and the Muslims you know who are your friends your neighbors and that’s the true faith of Islam,” said Fareed. “That’s what we believe in.

Source: ABC10

Khalid Saeed, President of the American Muslim Voice Foundation, said, “All religious are different, but all religions are the same. As a human, we are serving humanity. I’m a very proud Muslim, but I’m American also.”

The expressions of care and American values that these Muslim brothers and sisters have put forth is profound. They are fully aware that many Americans look on them with hatred, and wish they would be kicked out of the country they call home. Despite all that, their thoughts are not about themselves but of others on a holiday that isn’t even a part of their religion. It shows you just how far gone Republican “Christians” are, when Muslims are more Christ-like in their behavior than they are.

Watch local affiliate ABC10’s interview with the group below:

Featured image via video screen capture