Liberals’ Low Voter Turnout Just Gave Kim Davis ‘A Wonderful Christmas Gift’ This Year

Kentucky’s Republican Governor Matt Bevin, just dismantled some major accomplishments made by their former Democratic governor, Steve Beshear. On Tuesday, Bevin signed five executive orders into law and they’re going to make progressives very upset.

First off, Kim Davis just received “a wonderful Christmas gift” as her lawyer, Mat Staver describes one of Bevin’s executive orders. The order makes it so that county clerks do not have to sign a marriage certificate. While that might sound like a solution built out of compromise, it really just “added to the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over marriage licenses in Kentucky,” says ACLU officials representing couples who had sued Davis.

Just before Beshear left office, he was applauded by progressives and criminal justice reformers for restoring voter’s rights to people who had been incarcerated for non-violent offenses. In Kentucky, people who are convicted of a felony are permanently barred from voting. Beshear had signed an executive order that restored voting rights to approximately 140,000 people with a felony on their record. Given the low voter turnout that resulted in Bevin’s election, it is speculated that had those felons not had their voting rights taken away from them, Bevin might have lost the election. Because of Kentucky’s voter disenfranchisement laws, one-in-five African-Americans cannot vote. Bevin had previously promised that he would not repeal the executive order that restored voter’s rights. It turns out that he was lying.

In the age of skyrocketing income inequality and stagnant wages, Bevin lowered the minimum wage. Kentucky’s minimum wage is the lowest it can be without violating federal minimum wage laws, at $7.25 an hour. However, former governor, Beshear, raised the minimum wage for state vendors and agencies to $10.10 an hour. The minimum wage decrease will only hurt newly hired workers, meaning about 800 state workers will still be paid a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.

Speaking of newly hired workers, there won’t be any for a while, seeing as Bevin also signed an executive order that mandates a hiring freeze for new state workers. Bevin also used his new executive powers to eliminate the Governor’s Employee Advisory Council.

Kentucky’s progressives may be upset by these new orders, though they have no one to blame but themselves. Only 30.7 percent of eligible voters actually voted in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. We have seen that Kentucky isn’t too keen on voter’s rights, so that does play a factor. However, if the non-disenfranchised left had bothered to show up to the polls, Bevin would have lost without a doubt. Voting is the absolute minimum one can do to assert their political strength, there is absolutely no reason for people to take advantage of their rights. Apathy among leftists on election day is a continuation of the American tradition of the privileged slapping the most marginalized communities in the face with said privilege.

Featured Image via Carter County Detention Center