‘Responsible Gun Owners’ Massacre Nearly 60 Dogs In Arkansas Woods – Police Horrified

Many of us who have a dog companion know the feeling of love and companionship they bring us. We also know the feeling of outrage when cruelty is inflicted upon one by an out of control cop or a terrible owner. However, this next case is leaps and bounds ahead of anything in recent memory.

Two individuals from a lumber mill traveled to a remote wooded area to inspect it for harvesting timber. What they found was unspeakable.

Dozens of dead dogs were strewn throughout the woods. They were fed poison then used as targets for one or more sick individual’s Second Amendment rights. John Magruder, the shelter manager for the Searcy County Humane Society, was so shocked he could barely describe how he felt:

“I don’t really have any words for what it makes me feel like.  I’ve worked with dogs all my life and I love them a whole bunch and I just don’t deal well with this, but I’m doing my best so I can save the ones I can,” said Magruder.

Source: KY3.com

Sheriff Joey Pruitt said he thinks that someone brought the dogs out there, fed them poison, then started opening fire. He indicated also that he does not think they were stealing people’s pets.

The individual, or individuals who perpetrated this obscenity did not even put the dogs out of their misery after they were injured. Some were found still alive, suffering from the effects of the poison and/or gunshot wounds.

As of now, 57 dogs lost their lives with a few survivors. Magruder said he had already rescued 4 dogs. Some were skittish, but one little dog came right to him, eager to be saved and loved again.

“He saw us, and that I had a bag of treats, and he took a treat and he was in the truck.  He said, ‘I’ve had enough of this.'”

The brave little dog will soon be up for adoption.

The Searcy County Humane Society can be reached at 870-448-5579. Magruder said that they will need donations to help cover the medical costs of the dogs that were rescued from certain death.

Featured image via Wikicommons