Donald Trump Defends Murdering Journalists (VIDEO)

Donald Trump defended killing journalists in yet another campaign moment that appears beyond the surreal.

Trump was speaking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent praise for the reality TV star turned Republican presidential front runner. Putin had described Trump as “very talented,” and Trump told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, “When people call you ‘brilliant’ it’s always good. Especially when the person heads up Russia.”

Former Republican congressman and host Joe Scarborough had to put on the brakes at this bizarre turn of events, and confronted Trump with Putin’s dictatorial actions which he now appeared to be disregarding thanks to a few laudatory words.

“Well, I mean, it’s also a person who kills journalists, political opponents, and invades countries. Obviously that would be a concern, would it not?” Scarborough asked.

“He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader,” Trump replied. “Unlike what we have in this country.”

“But again: He kills journalists that don’t agree with him,” Scarborough said.

The Republican presidential front-runner said there was “a lot of killing going on” around the world and then suggested that Scarborough had asked him a different question.

“I think our country does plenty of killing, also, Joe, so, you know,” Trump replied. “There’s a lot of stupidity going on in the world right now, Joe. A lot of killing going on. A lot of stupidity. And that’s the way it is. But you didn’t ask me [that] question, you asked me a different question. So that’s fine.”

The political media is again suggesting that this comment might hurt Trump, and his opponents like former Florida governor Jeb Bush are hitting the candidate over praising Putin’s brutality. But previous evidence shows that, at worst, these bizarre comments don’t hurt Trump with his base of nativist, racist supporters and sometimes it actually boosts him above his fellow Republicans as it reinforces his brand of opposing “political correctness” and saying whatever he wants.

Of course, what helps Trump with the rabid base in the GOP presidential primaries  are the exact sort of moments that are highly likely to kill Republicans in the general election. But Trump marches on.

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