Sorry, 9/11 Truthers, This New Video Totally DESTROYS Your Stupid Jet Fuel Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Finally, a simple and to-the-point video has emerged that completely annihilates the ridiculous 9/11 Truther conspiracy theory that it was impossible for burning jet fuel to melt the steel support beams inside the World Trade Center towers. The conspiracy continues by adding into the mix the alleged existence of something called “thermite paint” which theorists say was painted on the beams by the government (or whomever) to deliberately collapse the buildings. Theorists also note that jet fuel burns at 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit, while steel melts at 2,700-degrees.

Of course, that’s complete hooey.

It turns out — duh! — that intense heat does, in fact, cause steel to become easily bendable, forcing the structural integrity of the WTC buildings to buckle and collapse.

In the video, a YouTube blacksmith named Trenton Tye demonstrates the weakening point of an A-36 structural steel rod. The rod is subjected to just 1,800-degrees in the blacksmith’s forge, and no, the steel doesn’t literally melt, but it weakens to the point of bending like “a noodle” with just the force of the Tye’s pinkie finger.

Now, none of this will totally convince Truthers who will likely react by suggesting the beams were thicker than the rod used in the video. But, obviously, the beams in the WTC towers were burning for longer under intense heat with considerably more weight applied to each beam than the force of a blacksmith’s finger. Another Truther reaction: the blacksmith is a government shill. Truthers and conspiracy theorists are so deeply ensconced in their little fantasies that they’re unwilling to accept anything outside of their own half-assed research.

The buildings collapsed because copious jet fuel from hijacked commuter airplanes weakened the tops of those massive structures, causing the weight of the upper levels to crush the levels below. In other words: heat and gravity brought down the buildings. The so-called “explosions” seen when each level is crushed are very simply puffs of debris as each floor collapsed — like clapping two chalkboard erasers together. Duh again.

Yes, the government has often engaged in suspicious activities. But no, the government absolutely did not murder 3,000 Americans on 9/11 using “thermite paint” or whatever the hell else Truthers are peddling. As Tye says in the video: “Your argument is invalid.”


Featured image via video screen capture.