OUTRAGEOUS HYPOCRISY: The Loudest GOP Opponents Of Obamacare Signed Up For Obamacare Policies

Pardon my obscenity but this is total horseshit.

You might recall when, shortly after he announced his campaign for president, Ted Cruz told reporters he and his wife would be signing up for a health insurance policy through Obamacare. His excuse was simultaneously that Congress was required to sign up for Obamacare (it’s not), and that Congress is exempt from Obamacare (it’s not). Congress is required to buy plans through Obamacare only if members want premium-sharing from the government. If they don’t, they can easily buy policies directly from insurance companies. And Congress is clearly not exempt from the law.

It was obvious why Cruz leaned in the direction of signing up — it’s the best value. Excellent coverage, plus the government pays 72 percent of the monthly premium for government employees who sign up for an Obamacare policy. The premium sharing’s estimated value is around $10,000 annually per congressmember.

Excellent, other than for the fact that Cruz is arguably the most vocal opponent of Obamacare, having literally filibustered in the name of completely de-funding the law. Ultimately, Cruz signed up for a policy through Blue Cross in Texas, circumventing the D.C. exchange. Bullet dodged.

However, another vocal opponent of Obamacare, Marco Rubio, signed up for an Obamacare policy through the D.C. exchange while voting as recently as December 3 to de-fund the law.

Indeed, most of the congressional Republicans signed up for Obamacare. Even libertarian-ish Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul signed up for a policy. Again, why? Obviously because they’re getting a fantastic deal: top shelf insurance policies with redistributed taxpayer dollars covering 72 percent of their premium costs. By the way, Rand Paul also voted to de-fund Obamacare earlier this month.

It’s difficult to think of a stronger endorsement of Obamacare’s excellence and value — the fact that the law’s angriest opponents are taking advantage of the law should both tar them as uber-hypocrites, but it should infuriate GOP voters who hate Obamacare. But it won’t because the bubble people don’t care about facts. (GOP voters really only hate the “Obama” part of “Obamacare.”) What’s particular heinous about this news is that they have other options for insurance at their disposal and yet they signed up for plans specifically through Obamacare so they could take advantage of premium subsidies.

In other words, Republicans like Rubio and Paul insisted upon taking government money that’s been redistributed from taxpayers in Vermont, New York, Hawaii and Liberal California with its “San Francisco Values,” rather than circumventing the law they claim to despise and which they’ve vowed to strip away from people like, well, me.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.