Ann Coulter Has Twitter Meltdown – Spends All Day Attacking Jimmy Carter To Defend Trump (IMAGES)

When Donald Trump announced his plan for a ban on Muslims during his presidential campaign, he brought a storm of criticism upon himself from all sides of the political spectrum. It was so bad that even some fellow Republicans were trashing him, calling him fascist, unhinged, and ridiculous.

What’s important to know is that not all Republicans were trashing him. In fact, the majority were cheering for the disgusting islamophobia that was dribbling down his chin onto the microphone. Driving the bigot clown of Trump enthusiasts was Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter was having none of the criticism of her dream guy, Trump. She went on a completely ignorant Twitterstorm of so much fail, it is not easily measured — but we will take you through it below.

It all started with the announcement by Trump, which got her giddy.

Ann seemed to have been waiting for the inevitable backlash, with her usual level of intentionally insulting and derogatory terms.

Then, Ann threw on the white knight outfit to defend her fantasy president. Challenge accepted, Ann.

It was almost pleasantly funny up to that point. However, immediately afterwards came the head-on crash into uncharted ignorance. Coulter tried to assert that Jimmy Carter ordered Iranian students deported during the Iranian hostage crisis, and used this as justification for the legality of Trump’s Muslim ban. This, as you will soon see, is mostly false.

Jimmy Carter ordered an inspection of the immigration status of Iranian students during the Iranian hostage crisis, but it was not for the reason Ann is implying. She intentionally removed all context from this, because that is what Republicans do when facts do not suit their opinion. Let’s break down some facts and ruin her day.

  • Jimmy Carter ordered the Justice Department to deport students that were here illegally. Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country — period. This extends to American citizens traveling abroad. These two things could not be more different.
  • The Justice Department at that time had already stated they cannot simply deport students without due process. They are entitled to appeals and hearings.
  • Many Iranian students feared persecution if they returned home. This is a fact that the Justice Department was also fully aware of and openly acknowledged to the press. They said any student who feared this would be allowed to apply for political asylum.

Ann Coulter is too stupid to realize how stupid she really is. She spent an entire day trying to support Trump’s bigotry and Nazi-like fascism by legitimizing it with what was, at least in part, a Carter administration refugee resettlement program. It isn’t reasonably possible for Carter’s and Trump’s programs to be more unlike each other.

To end this cascade of ignorance, Ann then went on to cite a criminally rogue judge — Robert Bork — as her justification for her comments.

To give this a bit more context, Robert Bork was not a nice guy. He was a political hitman for Richard Nixon, who fired the Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, under Nixon’s orders to do so. This happened when Cox requested the infamous Watergate tapes of Nixon’s oval office conversations — tapes which ultimately led to Nixon’s downfall. Bork also supported the idea of a poll tax being acceptable and was strongly opposed to civil rights and women’s rights. Basically put, the man couldn’t properly interpret the Constitution of the United States if he had 10 founding fathers as study buddies.

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