Small Government Republican Ben Carson: Rape Victims Should Be Forced To Have Rapists’ Babies (VIDEO)

Remember when Dr. Ben Carson was on his way to becoming the Republican nominee? Mark Halperin, who is always wrong, noted how Carson is the perfect GOP candidate in nearly every way, and it looked like Carson was going to Ambien-sleep-walk to the nomination. But, of course, Republican voters finally showed us their threshold for crazy and it’s Ben Carson. His array of bizarre gaffes and inexplicably weird statements, especially that thing about a gunman in a “Popeyes organization,” were just too off-the-rails for Republican voters. And that’s saying a lot.

Furthermore, what’s the first rule for Republican Fight Club? Republicans should never talk about rape. Ever.

So, it comes as no surprise that Carson’s rapid descent to the bottom of the polls is being accompanied by extreme positions intended to revive his failing candidacy. Specifically, Carson didn’t pull any punches on abortion, declaring that he doesn’t support any exceptions whatsoever to having the procedure. Not even rape.

I believe that abortion should not be done, I believe that it’s murder. In cases of rape and incest too? Including in cases of rape and incest. I know people who are the result of rape, James Robinson, the Televangelist, was a result of a rape. His mother was getting an abortion, it got botched, she thought the better of it and kept it. He’s had a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of lives.

Yes, small government brain surgeon Ben Carson wants the federal or state governments to force rape victims to carry the result of their rape to full term. It’s important to note that this is all part of the radical anti-choice agenda — to skew the debate into the fringes so we’re discussing whether rape should be an exception rather than discussing ways to keep abortion as an unrestricted option and a human right for all women. Along those lines, if Ben Carson truly believes abortion should be illegal across-the-board, then he shouldn’t have one. Meanwhile, the 60-70 million women of childbearing age can decide for themselves based on their own needs and morality. Case closed. Shut the f*ck up, Doc.

Featured image via video screen grab.