Fox News Gives Children The Worst Advice EVER About Thwarting An Active Shooter (VIDEO)

WARNING! Note to the kids. In the video below, Fox News Channel’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck, along with her guests, will describe and demonstrate ways to potentially thwart an active shooter in a public place, such as a school. Do not listen to this advice. Do not take seriously¬†what Fox News Channel advises you to do. It will not work, and you’ll either be shot or many more people will be shot.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into it. On Tuesday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, the giggling couch tumors welcomed a pair of krav maga self-defense instructors and their students to demonstrate for Fox News’s naive automaton viewers how to stop a gun massacre in progress.

In the segment, instructor Tony Morrison tells us how to sneak up behind a shooter and to wrestle the gunman’s weapon away. A second demonstration showed how to disarm a shooter with a flanking maneuver. Morrison continued by offering the following scenario, “Once we’re hiding, let’s say we couldn’t run away, and we hide and then we’ve realized that we might be discovered, we have to basically communicate with each other and say, ‘Listen, this is what is going to happen, if I grab the gun, you guys are going to tackle the person.'”

Hasselbeck added that kids in this situation should go from “scared to aware to prepared.” See what she did there? It rhymed.

Anyway, this is horrible advice, especially the thing about tackling a gunman. It’s all indicative of the gradual unraveling of the GOP who seriously believe America should embrace its gunslinging old-west roots in which everyone is armed, and all active shooter situations turn into the O.K. Corral, with citizen vigilantes engaging crazy people armed with small arsenals, including semi-automatic AR-15s with extended clips.

In reality, Homeland Security advises that victims of an active shooter should first try to evacuate. If that doesn’t work, hide out. And if your life is in imminent danger and there’s no alternative, then and only then should we attempt to “take action.” Fox News, on the other hand, skips right to the last resort — to use martial arts against the shooter.

What could possibly go wrong?

Featured image via video screen grab.