Erick Erickson And Steve Doocy Think It’s Okay To Literally Shoot The New York Times (VIDEO)

For several years now, it’s become a thing for various Republicans to literally shoot or otherwise destroy things they don’t like. Rather than using confusing things like, you know, words to oppose legislation they hate, they’ve now resorted to grabbing one of their small-penis compensators and showering the offending item with bullets. Most recently, Rand Paul opened fire on the tax code, while too many Republicans have produced videos in which they shoot copies of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Have nothing of substance to say? Shoot something.

This is exactly what talking thumb Erick Erickson did the other day to an anti-gun editorial on the front page of The New York Times. And Monday morning, he appeared with the giggling couch tumors on Fox & Friends to revel in his ridiculously childish (yet creepy and violent) behavior.

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): What were you trying to do?

ERICK ERICKSON: Well, you know, I read the editorial. It was so full of holes to begin with I figured I’d put some actual ones there.

Yes, because words are hard and icky. Seriously, is it me or is shooting something you dislike basically the grown-up equivalent of a six-year-old knocking over a board game or hurling a video game controller across the room and storming off — but with bullets?

By the way, were you aware that Twitter was mostly liberal? Steve Doocy thinks so, telling Erickson, “Here’s the thing, though. After you did that, the Twitterverse, which for the most part leans to the left anyway, they exploded.” No, liberals on Twitter didn’t explode. They used words, unlike Erickson. Also, there are only eight-percent more Democrats on Twitter than Republicans (Facebook is dead even, Republicans and Democrats).

The salient quote from Erickson, now that he’s decided to use words instead of bullets:

ERICKSON: Well, that they’re not going to curtail the Second Amendment rights. It’s very interesting last year The New York Times read an editorial in April of 2014 saying we need to get rid of the terror list, we need to get rid of the no-fly list. They’re a violation of civil liberties in a nation of democracy with due process shouldn’t have anything like that. And now they’re saying hey, let’s use the no-fly list and the terror list to get rid of people’s Second Amendment rights. It is a constitutional right and they want to get rid of it without due process.

Of course, Erickson is opposed to a constitutional right to privacy for women’s healthcare choices. He also supported the USA PATRIOT Act, which arguably is a violation of all kinds of civil liberties. His entire party campaigned around the post-9/11 talking point that we can’t have a First Amendment if we’re dead. Fascinating how the GOP is so militant about smoking out the evildoers at all costs, but they stop short when it comes to selling guns to those evildoers.

Doocy concluded, “Well you certainly have the freedom to say things.” No, he didn’t say a goddamn thing. He shot something because he didn’t like it. There’s a difference.

By the way, even if the Second Amendment was repealed, the ability to purchase firearms would continue to exist, just like any other retail product that doesn’t somehow enjoy constitutional protections.

Featured image via video screen grab.