Ben Carson’s Daily Dose Of Dumb: Obama Needs To Stand Up To A Creamy Chickpea Spread (TWEETS)

Ben Carson’s reputation as the dumbest person ever to have performed surgery on the human brain is becoming more and more legendary as the presidential primary season moves forward. Carson, who thinks he’s being vetted more than anyone else in history, hasn’t quite grasped the concept that if you say stupid things in public while you’re running for president, people will tend to take notice.

Carson has already proven he’s a foreign policy nightmare waiting to happen when he called on America’s allies to fight the Islamic State but couldn’t name a single one. In his mind if you keep repeating “special forces” enough, maybe some will show up and answer the question for you.

His latest guffaw came at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition on Thursday,¬†where Carson made it clear that the president needs to do something about “hummus” before it’s too late. He wasn’t clear on whether he thought the president should enjoy some creamed chickpeas on Melba toast or possibly a Triscuit, but he was clear in his pronunciation several times.

Apparently it became humorous enough that people felt the need to tweet about it, bringing it from a guffaw to an absolutely hilarious Carson fail:

That’s not really true. To defeat hummus, you simply need to eat it or leave it out until it spoils.

Maybe someday when Ben Carson is president they’ll finally be able to elect tzatziki sauce in free and fair elections.

That guy should clearly be tagged as a garbanzo sympathizer.

Carson was followed by Donald Trump, who did a fantastic job of making a fool of himself as well, but Carson definitely stole the “Hey! Look at the dumbass!” moment of the day. The man who says he would surround himself with people who know what they’re doing because he’s clearly unqualified couldn’t come up with a single person to read his remarks to before the event who could maybe tell him that there is no connection between hummus and terrorism?

There had to be quite a bit of facepalming in the Carson camp.

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