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‘Steak Is For F*cking Taxpayers’: Man Harasses SNAP Recipients, Steals Their Food (VIDEO)

A video is making its way around the internet showing a man stopping to harass some people he witnessed purchasing food with their SNAP benefits at an ACME Market. “Some shit’s not even funny,” the man says as he pulls his truck up to the couple. “And this is one of them situations.”

“Yo, dude,” the man yells as he pulls his vehicle up to a trio loading groceries into their vehicle. “Yo, I noticed you bought your groceries with a welfare card, but then you used cash to buy lottery tickets,” the man said. “You used the Access card to buy your groceries and then you bought scratch-off tickets with cash. You think that’s right?”

“So what,” a man wearing a hoodie responded, as a woman loading groceries in the back of the vehicle asks, “What the f*ck’s your problem?”

“Why are you using a welfare card to buy food, but then you’re buying scratch-off lottery tickets with cash?” he asked again angrily. Told to mind his own business, the man begins to yell:

“It is my f*cking business. I pay taxes.”

He then exits the vehicle and approaches the victims of his irrational anger. “It is my business because I work for a living and pay taxes,” he said, earning himself a well-deserved, “Go f*ck yourself” from the woman.

“Wow, pregnant, smoking, and pajama pants?” he says to the woman, who seems to have an after-baby belly, but doesn’t appear to be pregnant. “You’re like a triple-f*ckup.” The man then walks over to their shopping cart and begins going through their groceries. He finds a single steak and removes it from the bag, then walks off with it.

“Steak is for taxpayers,” he says, quickly walking away as a third party attempts to intervene. “F*ck you.”

Sure, it’s not a wise decision to purchase lottery tickets no matter who you are. The odds of winning a meaningful amount of money are staggeringly low, and low-income people probably have better uses for that money — but it is also no one’s business how anyone budgets their money. If someone receiving the low amount of money afforded by SNAP benefits splurges on steak, they will learn a hard lesson when they run out of food in a week or two.

The average taxpayer making $50,000 a year pays only about $36 a year into food stamps. In other words, it is senseless to complain that someone buys a food product with which you disagree — especially when 23.91% of your tax dollars are applied to our bloated defense budget (while only 5.93% are spent helping veterans, and an even smaller percentage is applied to food assistance programs).

Now, at this point, you may be wondering if this was staged. It was  — but this is exactly the sort of rhetoric we hear daily from conservatives.

The video was produced by Philly Offensive and is labeled “comedy,” though it’s hard to view this as funny when several states want to declare through legislation that prevents the poor from buying seafood and steak that — as the person in the video explained — steak is for f*cking taxpayers.

Missouri Republicans, for example, introduced a bill earlier this year that would prevent the poor from buying steak (including cheap cuts of meat), which is apparently a luxury food the peasantry simply does not deserve. The bill would even prevent poor people from buying fish sticks and canned tuna.

Demonizing food stamp recipients is almost a sport to republicans, and has been for decades. This video may not be real — but the sentiment is.

Watch the video, below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye-XEcD8gRo&w=560&h=315]

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