Meet The Three Republicans Who Tried To Protect Planned Parenthood From GOP Misogynists

Who said there weren’t any reasonable Republicans anymore? Well, at least for now, there are three. Three reasonable Republicans in the U.S. Senate out of 54. That’s not a very promising spread, but it’s better than nothing. And they were only temporarily reasonable. We’ll circle back to “temporarily” presently.

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled Senate voted 52-47 to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Of course, like always, it won’t go anywhere and the GOP is only doing this to satisfy the Obama Derangement Syndrome of its voters, knowing it has no chance of actually occurring under President Obama. Yet they keep f*cking that chicken.

Even still, three Republican senators tried to introduce an amendment to the budget reconciliation bill containing the zeroing-out of Planned Parenthood funding. Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski(R-AK) attempted to strike the language from bill but failed in the process.

Collins, for her part, declared on the Senate floor, “The closure of several hundred clinics across the country, depriving millions of women of the health care provider of their choice.” This is exactly right, and it was quite refreshing to hear this from a Republican for a change, though her email inbox was probably loaded with hate mail that’d make your eyes bleed. Nevertheless, even though abortion services are perfectly legal and safe, as well as being a constitutional right, the procedure represents only three percent of what Planned Parenthood offers to patients. Most of the organization’s services include cancer and HIV/AIDS services as well as contraceptive devices.

And now, back to “temporarily.” One of the three senators voted in support of the bill. Specifically, Collins and Kirk voted against their Republican colleagues on the resolution, which, by the way, also de-funded key sections of Obamacare (again). Of the trio who introduced the amendment protecting Planned Parenthood, only Murkowski voted with her party.

Of course, the GOP is acting upon the completely falsified and debunked claims made in a series of deceptively-edited videos alleging things about the healthcare clinics that simply aren’t true, as verified in seven state-level investigations, as well as a federal investigation. In other words, the GOP is perfectly cool with stripping millions of people of affordable healthcare based on a series of hoaxes. For this, they should be dissolved as a party and replaced with one that actually accepts objective reality, rather than fabricating its own reality.

Featured image of Susan Collins and Mark Kirk via video screen grab.