Watch CNN Analyst Get Checked After Referring to NAACP Leader As ‘You People’ (VIDEO)

During a segment discussing the fallout over the Laquan McDonald shooting by Chicago police, CNN’s law enforcement analyst referred to the NAACP youth president as “you people,” and was quickly reprimanded by anchor Brooke Baldwin live on air.

On Tuesday morning, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he had fired Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy in light of the concerns from the public about the top cop’s handling of the case of Officer Jason Van Dyke, a white police officer who has been charged with first-degree murder for the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

For CNN’s segment, they asked their law enforcement analyst Harry Houck as well as NAACP leader Stephen Green to appear and discuss their reactions to the news.

Houck, a former NYPD detective, naturally, took the side of McCarthy and demanded that Emanuel should have been forced to resign instead of the other way around.

“This mayor should be impeached, he should resign,” Houck declared. “The National Guard should go into Chicago, take that city back from the thugs.”

Green then began to explain that activists were calling for a “top-down investigation over the overall patterns and practices of the Chicago Police Department.”

“This isn’t new,” he pointed out. “When you have a police department that has its own domestic Guantanamo Bay [referring to Homan Square detention center, which is commonly referred to as a ‘black sight’], when you have neglect on the South Side of Chicago, when you have cases that go unheard as it relates to young black children and queer and transgender voices, we have a problem in the city of Chicago.”

The former cop then began accusing Green of not calling for Emanuel’s termination due to the fact that he is a democrat. He then began ranting about black-on-black crime, despite the lack of connection to police violence as unlike with the thin blue line, those crimes are not committed with impunity.

“Aren’t you tired of dead black children on the streets of Chicago?” Houck asked Green. “Not from cops, but from thugs shooting at each other?”

“Of course, I’m tired,” Green replied. “I’m also tired of the neglect, I’m also tired of the economic depravity and education disparities in the city of Chicago. So, I’m not asking for a new face, I’m asking for a completely different song.”

“The only way to take back the inner city of Chicago is for police to go in there with aggressive police work,” Houck declared. “You’ve got to be able to point the fingers at the bad guys.”

Green then tried to explain that there is a system of oppression in place, and that it is not as simple as Houck believes it to be.

“You want to talk about policing?” Green said. “Let’s also talk about education, let’s also talk about poverty, let’s also talk about housing. It is more than one issue and so we’re asking for complete and overall reform. Your message is very singular.”

“Maybe. I’m just tired of the police getting the brunt of everything that’s going on inside the inner city of Chicago.”

“You people,” Houck began to say, before being cut off by Baldwin.

“It’s not ‘you people,’ Harry,” the CNN host sighed. “Come on.”

“You people who live in Chicago,” Houck shouted, “should start voting for maybe another person, maybe a Republican, instead and see how he — a Republican — can come in there and straighten that city out.”

“We’re asking for transformation and change in the city of Chicago and we’re not silent,” Green remarked. “Much to your dismay and much to your upset, we’re not quiet.”

“For 20 years, you’ve been silent,” Houck remarked.

Whether Houck’s remark is true or not, the people are clearly not laying down silent now, as McCarthy certainly learned today. First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante will now be serving as the acting superintendent for the department.

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