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President Obama Knows Exactly Who’s Going To Be The Next President (VIDEO)

While speaking in Paris, at a news conference at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Centre, President Obama spoke on the climate, the Planned Parenthood attacks, as well as a number of other topics. One topic he focused on in particular was whether he worried about a Republican winning in 2016.

A reporter asked:

“To put a finer point on the climate change question, can leaders gathered here believe that the United States will keep its commitments even after you’ve left office, if a Republican succeeds you in the White House?”

However, the president responded very clearly with who he believes will actually win — a Democrat.

He said:

“Just with respect to my successor, let me first of all say that I’m anticipating a Democrat succeeding me. I’m confident in the wisdom of the American people on that front.

However, Obama did say that if “somebody from a different party” happens to succeed him,” they will learn it isn’t all daydreams and unicorns in how to get things done. He said:

“But even if somebody from a different party succeeded me, one of the things that you find is when you’re in this job, you think about it differently than when you’re just running for the job. What you realize is what I mentioned earlier, that American leadership involves not just playing to narrow constituencies back home, but you are now at the center of what happens around the world.”

A concept the Republicans currently running for office haven’t quite been able to grasp as of yet. They are still pandering solely to their ultra-right-wing base.

Needless to say, the president seems very confident that the American people will choose what’s best for the nation, and that is electing a Democrat to continue our progress forward.

Video: Real Clear Politics/ Featured image: Twitter