Is 100 Enough? Woman Sends Out 100 Tweets of Attacks on Women’s Clinics

During the fatal terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood, right-wing extremists were out in full force attacking supporters of the organization. One of those supporters, upset by claims that she was “making up” tales of anti-abortion violence, decided to send out 100 tweets of citations — along with a hashtag asking, #Is100Enough?

So are we done now pretending the guy who shot up an abortion clinic wasn’t anti-abortion? Good. School’s in,” Michelle Kinsey Bruns asked in a tweet on Sunday.

The attack on the Colorado Springs clinic may have been the first fatal attack since 2009, but it was NOT by far the first attack of the year. A recent surge of violence has taken place following the release of highly edited and disproven videos claiming to show Planned Parenthood leaders arranging sales for fetal tissue.

Every state investigation into the organization has found the claims to be unfounded.

Despite being repeatedly disproven, GOP leaders and right-wing pundits continue to press on with the narrative — even following the shooting, as the victims have not even been buried.

It is almost as if the violence is exactly what they want, as they knowingly radicalize their base with false information.

In the four months since the release of the videos, there have been at least four suspected arsons on clinics and at least five cases of vandalism since August alone.

Bruns began her series of tweets with the 1976 arson attempt on an abortion clinic in Eugene, Oregon and concluded her Twitterstorm with the responses from anti-abortion activists on Friday.

“Not holding my breath for apologies from the zillion Twitter rightists who came at me on the day of the CO Planned Parenthood shooting to say I was making up the big problem with US antichoice violence, i.e., domestic terrorism—but here are my citations,” Bruns wrote.

The entire collection of dated and sourced tweets can be viewed here.

So, is 100 enough?

Featured image via Twitter