NYPD Cop To Bar Owner: ‘Kill Yourselves But Don’t Call The Police’ (VIDEO)

NYPD officers are under investigation for leaving a bar owner’s son needing staples in his head when he tried to intervene in what he called police brutality, then telling the bar owner not to call the police next time, and to just kill themselves.

The bar is also accusing them of returning after the assault to delete the surveillance footage.

El Grito De Sunset Park posted footage on the incident on their Facebook page along with a caption that read:

On Saturday, November 21st 2015, NYPD officers of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park Brooklyn assaulted and falsely arrested business owners who called them for help, all caught on surveillance camera. An hour later, same officers returned to the scene, but this time to erase video from the surveillance camera equipment. Eventually, data recovery was used to retrieve video that the officers erased.”


A brawl had erupted at the Brooklyn bar on Saturday during a boxing match and the police were called when two of the men involved continuously attempted to get back inside.

When the unnamed officer arrived, he and a bouncer attempted to subdue the man, but Kevin Cuzco, 18, the owner’s son, attempted to intervene when the plain-clothed cop began kneeing the man repeatedly as he was being held on the ground. Cuzco told ABC7:

“I see the cop on the floor kneeing him, more than five times, probably around 7 times. His knee in the back brutally.”

Cuzco, who stated that he believed the man did need to be arrested, approached the officer to just try to calm the situation and ask him to stop using violence. He explained:

“I have the right to speak out and say, ‘It’s not right for you to be doing that, he’s on the ground.”

The officer then ordered Cuzco to get back inside, an exchange takes place and the officer begins pushing him inside. The situation continues to escalate as other officers join in and also begin shoving him inside.

The police then reportedly began pummeling Cuzco, who at most was guilty of interfering with police. After the encounter, he needed staples in his head to close a deep wound which the officers left him with. He told ABC7:

“I’m on the floor, my hands are on the floor, my knees are on the floor, and from there he flips me like a flap jack, and I see blood. I put my hands up, and I’m like, ‘Alright you got it.’ I said that, ‘You got it.’ And I see another punch coming to my ribs.”

As plain clothed officers piled on the teen, an employee of the bar, Elmer Ajic, rushed out of the kitchen to help — kicking one of the officers in his behind.

Kevin’s mother,¬†Olga Cuzco, informed the station that police told her not to bother calling the police next time.

“One of the cops said that, ‘Next time, don’t call the police. Just close the doors and kill yourselves inside, but don’t call the police,'” she said.

Cuzco and Ajic with both charged with obstructing an arrest, but prosecutors granted both conditional dismissals based on the video contradicting the officers claims. The conditions are that the two must stay out of trouble for six months.

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