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Actor Wendell Pierce Knows Exactly How To Get Gun Control Laws Passed: Scare The NRA (TWEET)

You’ve seen him on The Wire, Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 2, Suits, and a slew of many other movies and television shows. And now actor Wendell Pierce has the perfect solution to get gun control laws passed.

As conservatives continue to push for less and less gun regulation, mass shootings have become an all too common occurrence in recent years. But every time one happens, right-wing gun nuts are quick to say that the solution is more guns instead of stronger gun control laws.

But Wendell Pierce has an idea that could very well work if history is any indication.

On Twitter, Pierce suggested that if every young black person in America bought a concealed carry permit and joined the NRA there would be a massive call to jam gun control laws through Congress at the speed of light.

“If every Black male 18-35 applied for a conceal& carry permit, and then joined NRA in one day; there would be gun control laws in a second,” he wrote.

Here’s the post via Twitter.

Indeed, back in the 1960s, African-Americans actually caused the NRA to beg for the passage of gun control laws out of fear after the Black Panthers began conducting armed patrols of neighborhoods to protect black people from the police and racists who would do them harm for no reason. According to The Root:

The Panthers responded to racial violence by patrolling black neighborhoods brandishing guns — in an effort to police the police. The fear of black people with firearms sent shockwaves across white communities, and conservative lawmakers immediately responded with gun-control legislation. Then Gov. Ronald Reagan, now lauded as the patron saint of modern conservatism, told reporters in California that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” Reagan claimed that the Mulford Act, as it became known, “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.” The NRA actually helped craft similar legislation in states across the country. Fast-forward to 2013, and it is a white-male dominated NRA, largely made up of Southern conservatives and gun owners from the Midwest and Southwestern states, that argues “do not tread on me” in the gun debate.

Pierce later doubled-down on his tweet with this one.

Going back even further, the NRA is now dominated by the descendants of Southern racists who once lived in dread that slaves and free men of color would keep and bear arms. Throughout the decades before the Civil War and for some time after, many southern states passed laws forbidding gun ownership by black people. The Tennessee Constitution was even re-written to read, “That the free white men of this State have a right to keep and to bear arms for their common defence.”

You can read several more examples by clicking here.

In short, conservatives and the NRA would recoil in horror if all of a sudden every black person in America began carrying firearms. It would be their worst nightmare and they would likely jump aboard the gun control bandwagon out of fear that they will be shot by a black person who can actually defend themselves.

So Wendell Pierce is right. If the white racists of the NRA and Republican Party want “guns everywhere,” then black people ought to buy them in droves and start carrying them around legally. Then we can all watch as racist white gun owners and police officers back off and whine about it before running to lawmakers to beg for the gun control laws this country desperately needs.

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