Watch: Ignorant GOP Voters Believe Literally EVERY LIE Donald Trump Has Blurted (VIDEO)

Inside the GOP bubble, things like math, science, logic and, you know, reality doesn’t really exist as the rest of us know it.

Inside the bubble, nearly unanimous climate science consensus is a hoax, and yet it’s somehow verifiably true that Noah’s Ark existed.

Inside the bubble, it’s totally possible and practical to deport 12 million men, women and children.

Inside the bubble, affordable and accessible birth control is evil despite the fact that it empirically prevents abortions.

Inside the bubble, it’s totally possible to cut taxes without ballooning the federal budget deficit.

Inside the bubble, George W. Bush kept us safe despite the existence of 9/11 and thousands of terrorist attacks against Americans abroad.

Inside the bubble, Barack Obama exploded the deficit even though he cut it by an unprecedented $1 trillion.

Inside the bubble, torture is effective; breathing causes global warming; Obama is a Muslim; and same-sex marriage is banned by the Bible (same-sex marriage isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible because it didn’t exist in ancient times).

Inside the bubble, it’s totally possible, as Trump says, to build a “big beautiful safe zone” inside Syria.

Along those lines, inside the GOP bubble exists a second bubble containing Donald Trump and his facts-optional campaign. Not only are Trump and his disciples morons when it comes to policymaking (what the hell is a “big beautiful safe zone?”), but the GOP frontrunner is an unprecedented liar, perhaps only rivaled by Dr. Ben Carson whose campaign is growing less relevant by the second.

According to Politifact, around 53 percent of Trump’s statements are either “Mostly False,” “False” or “Pants On Fire” false. Add “Half True” to the mix and 66 percent of Trump’s remarks are specious at best. Exactly ZERO statements by Trump have been verified as “True” by fact-checkers. (For the sake of comparison, 39 percent of Hillary Clinton’s statements have been “Mostly False,” “False” or “Pants On Fire” false. Two percent were “Pants On Fire” false, compared to 15 percent for Trump. 39 percent of Hillary’s remarks were verified to be “True,” compared to zero for Trump.)

Of course none of this matters inside the bubble where Hillary is nothing but a liar, and Trump is an noble truth-teller. To confirm the observation that Trump’s supporters will accept any crapola that rolls out of his puffy orange yapper, a CNN news crew turned up at a Trump rally in South Carolina and spoke with true believers, including a guy who fancies himself a Trump look-alike, complete with a Trump wig evidently purchased at a — wait for it — Hobby Lobby store.

One supporter, Carlene Carmen, perfectly illustrated life inside the bubble, telling CNN:

“Don’t try to screw this up. Don’t try to skew this. You’re not gonna convince me otherwise.”

You know what that is? That’s faith. It’s practically a religion to these people. A stratospheric mountain of facts will never successfully burst the deeply-rooted belief that this bewigged Twitter troll is telling the truth, even though, in reality, Trump is treating them like the naive, mouth-breathing automatons they are — cynically exploiting for political expedience their ignorance and penchant for blind faith.



Featured image via video screen grab