Majority Of ISIS Suspects In U.S. Are American Citizens — Zero Were From Syria

As politicians and pundits scrambled to stoke fears of Syrian refugees following the devastating attacks in Paris, the truth of the matter is that 81% of ISIS suspects charged in the United States have been U.S.-born citizens, and not a single one has been from Syria.

So far, there have been 68 people indicted for their alleged involvement with the terror organization: 55 of them were U.S. citizens, and 44 were born in the United States, research published by the Center on National Security at Fordham University revealed.

While the majority were born in the United States, six were born in Bosnia, four in Uzbekistan, three in Somalia, and two in Sudan.

Yet, despite this misguided hostility towards people fleeing from the war-torn wreckage and violence of the Syrian civil war this week, not a single one of these suspects has been from Syria.

The report noted that the average age for those charged is 26, and approximately a third are under 21.  It also noted that 10 of those indicted are female.

One example is Christopher Lee Cornell of Cincinnati, Ohio, who was, 20 years old at the time of his arrest for a plot to bomb the U.S. Capitol on behalf of ISIS.


“He’s a big mama’s boy, you know. His best friend is his kitty cat. There’s no way he could have carried out any kind of terrorist plot,” Christopher Cornell’s father, John Cornell, told CNN. “He didn’t even drive; he didn’t have a car.”

Cornell was previously known to protest on behalf of the “Truther” movement, believing the United States was responsible for the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Karen Greenberg, the center’s director, called the fear mongering about refugees the US has seen since the Paris attacks misguided, and noted that the majority of refugees are grateful to be treated kindly. Greenberg told the Guardian:

“They are young, they are spread over a wide geography, they are impervious to profiling in many ways.”

As many have pointed out since the attacks on the French capitol that left 130 people dead, the majority of mass killings in the United States have been committed by white American males with absolutely no ties to ISIS whatsoever.

Attacks like the ones in Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson, Charleston and Roseburg were all committed by white male protestants.

On Thursday, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio told WAKR radio:

“Since the beginning of the Bush administration when we were attacked, September 11th, we’ve not had any major terrorist attacks in this country. We’ve had individual crazy people [who] look more like me than they look like Middle Easterners. They are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters and schools. Those are terrorist attacks, they’re just different kinds of terrorists.”

And yet, conservative politicians, pundits, and social media commentators still refuse to acknowledge that the real threat to the safety of Americans looks just like them, may come from their own places of worship, and have access to weapons of mass destruction thanks to ineffective gun control laws in the U.S.

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