GOP Congressman: Syrian Refugees Coming To U.S. For ‘Paid Vacation’ (AUDIO)

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama had some cold and heartless things to say about refugees on Saturday, claiming that the families desperate to leave their war torn homes and get their children to safety are just looking for a “paid vacation.”

Brooks went on the Dale Jackson Show on Friday to vent his frustration with the Obama administration for pledging to accept 10,000 refugees, as they flee the violence which has claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives. The Alabama congressman stated:

“We’re paying them about $15,000 a year in free health care, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free transportation. That answers very quickly why so many of them want to come to the United States of America.”

He callously continued:

“We’re paying them to come here, it’s a paid vacation!”

Brooks was quick to point out however, that his bigotry isn’t just focused on refugees, he thinks that all undocumented  immigrants are just as terrible:

“Not just refugees, but all the illegal aliens, all the things that [President] Barack Obama is doing that is wrong and perhaps in violation of law with respect to illegal aliens, or irresponsible with respect to taking in refugees from countries that are infested with Muslim terrorist organizations.”

The misguided congressman went on to claim that Islam is inherently violent, despite the fact that there are 1.6 billion people globally who subscribe to the religion, and only a very small minority of violent extremists  which some may argue is similar to the GOP.

It makes perfect sense that he would believe these things, since yes, the pages are filled with violence. Oh wait, these are all from the bible. Yet nobody is accusing Christians of being inherently violent.

“I will fill your mountains with the dead. Your hills, your valleys, and your streams will be filled with people slaughtered by the sword. I will make you desolate forever. Your cities will never be rebuilt. Then you will know that I am God.”

“Make ready to slaughter [the infidel’s] sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants.”

“A [holy man’s] daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death.”

As Scott Keyes wrote for ThinkProgress:

“On average, over 120 people are killed daily in Syria. That’s approximately the same number of people killed in the recent Paris rampage, except in Syria, it recurs each day and again the next, without pause, for the past four and a half years.”

His comments begin approximately five minutes into the segment:

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