Republican Governor Forces Syrian Refugees Away After 3-Year Wait For Asylum

After spending three long years in Jordan going through all the proper procedures to be admitted into the United States, two Syrian refugee families have been turned away by a fearful and heartless governor, the day before their big move to safety.

On Monday, republican Governor Mike Pence of Indiana suspended the resettlement of families fleeing their war torn homes to his state. His decision came after speculation that one of the terrorists in the Paris attacks may have posed as a Syrian refugee, although it turned out that they were all European nationals.

The Catholic Charities Indianapolis director of refugee services Heidi Smith said in a statement on Tuesday:

“We hope that any concerns Gov. Pence has concerning Syrian refugees be resolved quickly because the lives of so many families are at risk,” she said. “Thousands of refugees from the Middle East, primarily from Syria, have been fleeing their homeland due to the barbaric acts by terrorists, and these are the same groups responsible for recent terrorist acts in other parts of the world. Regardless of their religious affiliation, refugees from Syria deserve our respect care and protection from this horrible persecution.”

Quickly did not come soon enough for the two families scheduled to arrive on Thursday after going through the already-rigorous screening process.

One of the families who was told they are unwelcome are two parents and their 4-year-old son who have been exiled from Syria since 2011. They will now be resettled in New Haven, Connecticut.

The fate of the other remains unknown.

Carleen Miller, the executive director of Exodus Refugee Immigration in Indianapolis told the New York Times:

“My role is to create a welcoming environment here in our state that gives a safe haven to refugees, that we can’t be that because our state is not welcoming all is really painful.”

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