It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Paris Terrorism ‘Truthers’ Slither Out Of The Slime Pit

When terrorists attacked the city of Paris on Friday, killing more than 120 and injuring more than 200, two things were certain: conservatives would find reasons to hate all Muslims, and a bunch of people who are mystified by the intricacies of operating a toothbrush would band together and question whether or not the attacks happened at all.

Conspiracy theorist garbage pit Before It’s News thinks that it has found a link between the various “false flags” it and other disreputable shitrags have covered: a French woman in a photograph looks similar to women who have been present at other mass killings. “Can it possibly be the same crisis actor yet again?!” the site asks. “SOTN posted the top photo because of how staged it looked, and then this photo montage was brought to our attention with the same professional crisis actress.


According to BIN, “there should be no doubt that the number one reason for the alleged Paris Terror attacks is to completely lock down Paris in order to totally control the upcoming “Climate Summit,” which it notes “represents the culmination of the ruling elite’s plan to establish their New World Order (NWO) via a One World Government ostensibly based on the global regulation of carbon emissions.”

This prevents interference with the establishment of the Global Carbon Control Matrix, the conspiracy theorists explain, which is the “penultimate objective on the way to their One World Government.” BITN says that the CGGM will “function as a global taxation authority in order to provide the necessary tax revenue which will support the emerging One World Government.”

In addition, the Climate Summit will be “used as an opportunity to greatly advance U.N. Agenda 21, as well as to further concretize the more evolved 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” — two “longstanding agendas” of the Illuminati, or whatever. There’s something about worldwide weather control, the “globalist cabal’s”  geoengineering programs, and other batshit insane stuff, as well, though none of it bears mentioning when compared to the phrase “worldwide shadow government.”

The surely legitimate report offers a “point-by-point analysis” of the reason behind the attacks:

  1.  To sufficiently scare people — EVERYONE and ANYONE — away from Paris, especially those who wish to disrupt the climate summit.
  2. To give the French Government a justifiable pretext to shut down the borders in order to prevent any summit infiltrators, NWO protesters and global warming skeptics from entering the “summit security zone”.
  3. To send a message — Loud and Clear — to all nations attending the summit that the reach of the NWO cabal is truly global and limitless.  That the ruling cabal is effectively unconstrained in the perpetration of any type of terrorism necessary to enforce compliance with their multifarious agendas.
  4. To so impress the community of nations that if they can successfully pull off such a wave of terror in Paris, then they can do the same in any other capital city in the world.  Also, that no nation on Earth will be exempt from participating in their slowly developing One World Government.

Others have also stepped up to the plate, offering their idiotic reasons that the bloody terror attacks were staged. “It happened on Friday the 13th (commemorating the massacre of the proto-illuminati Templars) in the 11th month, in Paris’s 11th district. It’s going to be remembered as ’11/13′ or ‘Friday the 13th.’” says Veterans Today editor Kevin Barrett. “Illuminati numerology or coincidence?”

Barrett says that, like the Charlie Hebdo Attack (which was a “Gladio 2 false flag by the usual suspects [NATO hardliners and Zionists]”), the attacks on Paris were “the usual state-sponsored false-flag stuff.” But for him, the reason was much, much more personal. It’s all about the sales of his ridiculous book:

“If I were a truly paranoid conspiracy theorist, or conspiracy intellectual, or whatever, I would think somebody staged these new attacks just as I was leaving Paris and planning to return one month later because…well, because they’re afraid that my book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo is picking up steam and threatening to expose the state-sponsored crimes of last January.”

His evidence for this is that he was  “already prevented once from entering Canada to give a talk on We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.” In fact, Barrett considers it likely that he will be denied entry to Paris in December where he intends to present a paper “exposing” the “false flag” that was the Charlie Hebdo attack.

“France’s president Hollande has attacked Charlie Hebdo “conspiracy theorists” in harsh terms, and his think tank, the Jean Jaurés Institute, named me as one of the world’s top five ‘conspiracy intellectuals’ to watch out for,” Barrett warns. “According to this paranoid interpretation, the Charlie Hebdo high perps are “fleeing forward” into even bigger chaos and an even bigger crackdown on freedom…especially the freedom to seek the truth about false flag terror.”

In addition, “this new attack may throw a monkey wrench into my efforts to get We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo translated into French–which was one of my items of business in Paris,” he adds. “Then again, maybe it’s all just coincidence. Maybe this is an actual attack by angry Muslims. Maybe there is no state sponsorship. Maybe this time, for once, it actually ISN’T a false flag.”

But, of course, only an idiot would assume that a bunch of religious extremists attacked Paris, Barrett explains.

But what would “radical Muslims” gain? It’s already being blamed on ISIS; yet that makes no sense, since Russia, not France, is fighting ISIS in Syria. And ISIS, of course, is a fabricated synthetic-terror group, not a real Muslim group, anyway.

To believe the official “Muslims did it” stories of the big terror attacks starting with 9/11, you’d have to think of the ostensible Muslim perps as complete idiots, utterly incapable of strategic thinking, desperate to hand the Zionist neocons exactly the kind of PR they want.

“Sure, there are undoubtedly some stupid angry Muslims out there,” the surely sane individual concedes. “But they’re likely to be patsies, not orchestrators.”

Other equally-insane stories are surfacing, and we can probably expect them to rival the downright insane Sandy Hook conspiracy theories that have plagued nearly any discussion on the topic since 2012. People are dead. Terrorists did it. It doesn’t take a belt-stabbing neurosurgeon to figure out that there is nothing fake about these attacks, and they were certainly not part of the Illuminati’s plot.

You can trust me, guys. I promise I’m not a WSG agent spreading propaganda to discredit this surely credible research. Pinky swear.