Charles Koch Literally Called Himself A Liberal (VIDEO)

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer sat down with mega-donor to the GOP Charles Koch this week to discuss his new book, and winner of the longest title award, “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies.”

Serwer said that Koch, in the past, has called himself a libertarian, but quickly Koch corrected himself saying he was a “classical liberal” and would be fine just being called a “liberal.” If you’re confused, you’re not alone. A classical liberal, as Koch describes, is not a person who appreciates Bach while protesting on Wall Street, but rather “someone who wants a society that maximizes peace, civility, tolerance and well-being for everybody.”

If that’s what Koch thinks his politics are, he’s been spending a whole lot of money on organizations and candidates who do exactly the opposite. For starters, the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity and its non-profit sister the AFP Foundation supports laws that raise taxes on solar panels and reject tax breaks on wind energy, which is not entirely encouraging for the desired well-being of people. They outright admit to being shills for big oil on their own company website, which talks about a major oil refinery being their first business.

If energy isn’t enough, the Kochs’ AFP ran super PAC ads claiming the Affordable Care Act hurts working families, which was found to be untrue. In a Florida election, they inaccurately quoted the assertion that the ACA will increase health care premiums. Again, attacking the ACA isn’t entirely helpful for those who need health insurance.

ABC’s Barbara Walters even interviewed David Koch, who said he wasn’t well liked because of his conservative politics. Walters pointedly asked Koch that if he is such a big supporter of LGBT and abortion rights, how he could also support so many right-wing social conservatives. “Well, that’s their problem. I do have those views,” he said. No, David, that’s your problem because you’re bankrolling them. If they don’t match your values, stop giving them money.

So, the Kochs are so liberal they are spending buckets of money on conservatives? Is anyone falling for that?

As for the Kochs’ “tolerance,” Think Progress cites Lee Fang’s book The Machine which shows how the Koch brothers have poured millions of dollars to elect the most anti-choice and anti-LGBT officials in Washington. Politico reports they plan to shell out nearly $900 million more to keep doing it. It seems Koch has mistaken “tolerance” for “homophobic Puritans.” To put the money spent in context, look at these graphics from Think Progress:

Not even Koch’s brother buys into that kind of “I’m a liberal” crap. The Associated Press interviewed William Koch who characterized his brother’s political views as “born-again libertarian or a born-again conservative and sometimes born-agains take positions that are a bit extreme.”

It’s unclear why the Koch brothers are so insistent in labeling themselves as liberals or libertarians or whatever they want to claim. Until they start spending money on liberal politicians who stand up for a clean energy future, full equality and making your own health care decisions, these guys are nothing more than capitalist pigs and corporate whores who want to take down the American government.

Feature image via video capture