The Hillary Wears A Wig ‘Scandal’ Debunked With 5 Minutes Of Research And A 2-Minute Clip (VIDEO)

Matt Drudge, the former McDonald’s manager turned high-profile “journalist” and editor, has released what conservatives think is a mighty blow against Hillary Clinton. After an investigation that obviously consumed at least eight minutes of his time, Drudge came to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton wears a wig.

Leaving behind anything that could have ever resembled integrity, Drudge posted the results to Twitter:


@Drudge on Twitter


@Drudge on Twitter


@Drudge on Twitter

Clearly Drudge is in tune with what really matters to a conservative. While liberals — and everyone else for that matter — love to poke fun at Donald Trump’s…whatever that is, it’s not going to be what ultimately gets him laughed out of politics. The things that come out of his mouth and his lack of knowledge about anything other than bankruptcy laws will wrap that project up nicely.

Alas, conservatives will jump all over Hillary Clinton’s hair, claiming that it’s just another reason not to believe her. Only dishonest people hide behind wigs. They’ll pretend that because Drudge says so on Instagram that the “scandal” is true, and start uploading clips of her declaring her hair to be real, but the color — not so much.

Clinton has always been very open that without a bottle of blonde she would be a silver fox. The hairstyle she currently wears is a throwback to her time as First Lady and US Senator, no doubt to help people remember the qualified statesperson that she is, but it is absolutely and positively real.

A five-minute investigation revealed this video of Secretary Clinton appearing with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. Along with being a great shot at Donald Trump (Clinton does a great Trump impersonation), It also shows that her hair is, in fact, real:

Not that it really matters, but that settles that. At the end of the day, the conservative media and the imbeciles who consider it reality will ignore the obvious and before long, Hillary Clinton’s wig will be a clever Facebook page meme where morons congregate to blame her for personally killing people in Benghazi and ordering a hit on Vince Foster.

Just for fun, here’s proof that Donald Trump’s hair is real as well:

Unfortunately for Trump, this little revelation doesn’t make him any less of a buffoon.

Featured image via screen capture