Mormon Church Facing Mass Exodus Over Refusal To Bless Children Of Same-Sex Couples

Last week, the Mormon church declared gay and lesbian people in committed relationships “apostates.” It’s one thing to excommunicate gay and lesbian adults,or to even force them into conversion therapy (though, of course, this is a dangerous and abhorrent practice), but it’s a whole other thing to tell their children they have to renounce their parents. Careful Mormons…. you’re becoming the Church of Scientology.

To be clear, the Mormon Church doesn’t condemn gay and lesbian people themselves. It condemns “homosexual acts.” So, if you don’t get married and have a whole mess of straight Mormon babies, then there’s a problem. But this time, many members of the church believe that the Church’s policy on the children of same-sex couples has gone too far.

Saturday, Mormons are taking action by resigning en masse, and nearly one thousand people have pledged to do so. According to the event the group plans to:

“Walk/ March together around Temple square and deposit our letters in a mail box near the church office… bring just a personal letter to the church about why you resigned. All those simply in support are of course welcome too. We will listen to 4-5 [testimonials]/ speakers at the park while people who need to get their letters together.

“A lawyer on site and affiliated with the event will be offering advice to make sure our resignations are processed immediately and without ward leader intervention.”

Thus far, 1.8k people are interested in participating in this mass exodus from the LDS Church, 993 people are going to the event, and 5.4k people have been invited. Utah isn’t that big, so that’s a lot of people!

The process for resigning one’s membership to the Mormon Church is a rather formal, complicated one. Resigning members must write letters telling Church leaders of their decision to resign, and either email it or drop it off with a bag of dog poo (ok I made that last part up).

The member should tell family members immediately of the resignation, because the Bishop will  if the member does not. Generally, people would likely want to control their own messages with something of this magnitude. Then, the member will get three letters, one to confirm the letter was received, one that claims he or she must talk to the Bishop before resigning (except you don’t have to just call and tell him a friendly chat isn’t necessary), and the final letter will confirm membership records have been destroyed.

Quitting the church can be tough, especially this close to the holidays. It’ll make Thanksgiving and Christmas awkward and if you’re doing this, you should be prepared to articulate your decision to every person in the family, as it will likely be a topic of conversation at the dinner table.

Our friends over at Patheos found a helpful graphic for Mormons who want to resign, so they know what all they have to do and how the process works. Evidently, making a photocopy of your middle finger isn’t proper. Pity.

Feature image via versageek/Flickr.