Desperate Kim Davis Loses Yet Another Appeal, Immediately Files New One

Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who stood her ground on not doing her job, has been fighting a whole heck of a lot of legal battles so she can continue not doing her job. According to the Associated Press, Davis has lost another of her appeals: “The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Thursday denied her latest request for a reprieve.”

The county offices have continued issuing marriage licenses through Davis’ deputies who don’t share the same beliefs that she does. By contrast, Davis has denied issuing the licenses since the Supreme Court decision in June. She’s instead been filling her time by filing appeal after appeal and touring the right-wing talk show circuit.

Even though Davis was sued by four couples, the judge in the case issued a decision based on all couples seeking marriage licenses in Rowan County, and the appeals court upheld the lower court’s decision. Davis’ next step is to appeal to the higher court, which would be the United States Supreme Court. The trouble for her here is that there is even a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court who thinks Davis should probably resign. So, if it should go all the way to the high court, it seems she’ll lose there, too.

Kentucky recently elected Matt Bevin, who has vowed to pass a law that would “accommodate the religious convictions of Kim Davis and other Kentucky clerks.” That said, if Davis takes her case to the Supreme Court and they decide not to hear it because they agree with the lower court — or, better yet, they hear it and strike it down — it means no state law can supersede the Supreme Court’s decision. So, good luck with that, Bevin.

Here’s the most important question: When is Davis going to disappear? We’re all sick of her by now.

Feature image via video screen capture.