Analysis Of Kentucky Election Results Indicates Fraud (VIDEO)

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election, polls consistently showed Kentucky democrat Jack Conway leading Tea Party extremist Matt Bevin by a margin of 3 to 5 points. But on Tuesday, the unofficial election results showed a shift so dramatic that it was almost impossible to believe. Bevin suddenly and inexplicably gained nearly 15 points on election day, supposedly winning the governor’s race by a nine point margin.

On closer inspection, another anomaly in the election results showed that democrats down-ticket of the governor’s race were elected over their republican opponents. As noted journalist and election integrity watchdog Brad Friedman points out here, that’s something that would very, very unlikely to happen. The unofficial results would suggest that voters favored democratic candidates for Secretary of State (democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes) and Attorney General (democrat Andy Bashir), but then decided that they wanted a full blown right-wing nut-job like Matt Bevin for governor.

Friedman reports:

“Bev Harris, of, who I spoke with earlier today, described the higher vote totals in the down ballot races as a “significant anomaly”. She tells me that, at least until more records are requested and examined, the KY-Gov’s race ‘has to be looked at as a questionable outcome, particularly because of the discrepancies in the down ballot races. More votes in those races and not at the top…that just doesn’t happen’.”

But the evidence that the Kentucky governor’s race was rigged doesn’t stop there. Another elections watchdog,┬áRichard Charnin, who holds a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics just published preliminary results of his analysis of the cumulative vote shares in the Kentucky governor’s race, finding that the “cumulative vote shares indicate likely fraud.”

In explaining the analysis process, Charnin wrote:

“I downloaded precinct vote data for the largest 25 KY counties and five smaller counties (view the spreadsheet and the graphs below). Downloading all 120 counties is a time consuming process, so I expect to download about 20 more over the next few days. The objective is to view the effects of county/precinct size on the cumulative vote share trend. Since the largest counties are usually heavily Democratic, the consistent pattern of Republican Governor candidates gaining share from small to large precincts is counter-intuitive. On the other hand, there is virtually no change in vote shares in smaller, heavily GOP counties.”

(View the whole analysis, with a number of charts and graphs on Richard Charnin’s blog here.)

On November 6, Brad Friedman appeared on the Thom Hartmann show to discuss the questionable results in the Kentucky governor’s race. Watch the video below, courtesy of thomhartmann on YouTube.

For those who believe that election rigging is a baseless conspiracy, in 2011 a eight former Clay County, Kentucky officials were convicted on conspiracy charges, after it was discovered that they had rigged elections in 2002, 2004 and 2006. The guilty parties included a circuit court judge, a county magistrate, an election commissioner, a county clerk, a polling place officer, an election officer, a school superintendent. The conspiracy also included business owners who were receiving county and city contracts.

The citizens of Kentucky have every reason to be skeptical of this election. They should demand a public hand count of every ballots that was cast on November 4th.

*Featured image credit: Matt Bevin (center) with Kim Davis (right) and one of her many husbands (left) via Matt Bevin For Kentucky on Facebook