‘Sh*t Ben Carson Says’ Is The Best Compilation Of His Craziest Moments You Could Ever Want (VIDEO)

Ben Carson has said enough crazy shit to make anyone’s head spin, and the higher his poll numbers in the 2016 GOP primary go, the more of it that comes out. He has some seriously bizarre beliefs, he is amazingly narcissistic, and he is also either a pathological liar or completely, certifiably insane. Either way, he’s great for entertainment for sane people.  To recap, here are just a few of Carson’s crazier moments, where he spouts bizarre, religiously based beliefs that even other Christians don’t buy into, as well as outright lies:

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. If that isn’t enough for you, here is a nicely put together video compilation of more lunacy from Dr. Carson:

If this nutbaggery isn’t enough to make people realize that this man belongs in the nut house instead of the White House, I don’t know what will. Then again, crazy is as crazy does. The fact that Ben Carson is at the front of the pack of GOP presidential contenders should show the whole world just how nutty that party has become, and make every American with any sense whatsoever want to keep him far, far away from any position of power.

Featured image via video screen capture