Right-Wing One Million Moms Group Attacks Little Girl And ‘American Girl’ Magazine For Having Two Dads

If you’ve ever seen the “American Girl” dolls, you know that most little girls who get into the Mattel toys try to create dolls that look just like they do. Understandably, American Girl Magazine features girls and their families and the dolls that they love, each of which represents the American girl today.

Meet Amaya, the 11-year-old daughter of two dads, Rob and Reece Scheer. Wouldn’t it make sense to have girls like Amaya who are adopted and who have two dads featured in the magazine? She’s an American girl, living in today’s modern American family, after all.

The American Girl Magazine featured her story, written by one of their editors but through her perspective, about how she and her two brothers came to the Scheer home in 2009. All they had in the world fit into two trash bags. They were only supposed to be with the men as foster parents, which was their third home in four months, but the dads adopted her along with her brothers and kept the family together.

Now they give back. Rob, one of Amaya’s dads ended up starting a nonprofit organization a few years ago called Comfort Cases, which gives backpacks full of toiletries, clothes, a blanket and stuffed animals to children in foster care. Just this year alone, the group has helped 7,000 children in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia foster care systems.

These men are the dads of the year, and these kids are phenomenal. We should be celebrating the good work they’re doing to help others, and be grateful they’re able to provide a safe and stable home for three children. Unfortunately, that’s not acceptable to the American Family Association’s One Million Mom’s project.

The group’s website slammed the American Girl article claiming it should focus “on the child and not about the parents since it is a magazine for children.” Further claiming, “The magazine also could have chosen another child to write about and remained neutral in the culture war.” The group then claims that the magazine is trying to “desensitize our youth by featuring a family with two dads.”  Homosexuality is wrong, it says, and it tells their members to cancel their daughters’ subscription to the magazine.

“The only thing [“American Girl”] did was they showed an amazing, happy family,” Rob Scheer told NBC Washington. “I was shocked that this wasn’t a group of men … these were moms, moms who are looking at a picture of our children and making a judgment on them.”

If the group is criticizing the magazine for talking about the parents of an American girl, aren’t they basically doing the same thing, but focusing on the American girl’s parents?

I think we can all join together and tell the One Million Moms to STFU.

Feature image via video capture.