Robert Reich’s GOP Congressman Friend Acknowledged His Party’s POTUS Candidates Are ‘All Nuts’

Robert Reich is well-known for setting the country straight when it comes to economic issues. His videos and documentary detailed the tragedy that is trickle-down economics and the disappointing fact that our minimum wage is hardly a living wage. Most recently, Reich dispelled the myths Donald Trump has claimed on the economic impact of immigrants in the United States. He’s the economic conscious of our country.

Like many political Americans, Reich has been watching the political shitshow that is the GOP’s primary election season. But unlike many Americans, Reich has friends in government, even a few republican friends. On a Facebook post this week¬†Reich told his followers that he had an interesting exchange with a friend¬†who happens to be a Republican congressman.

Reich began by asking his friend what he thought of the candidates running for President. What he got was far more than what he was likely looking for, however:

Him (the Congressman): “They’re all nuts.”
Me (Reich): “Seriously. What do you really think of them?”
Him: “I just told you. They’re bonkers. Bizarre. They’re like a Star Wars bar room.”
Me: “How did it happen? How did your party manage to come up with this collection?”
Him: “We didn’t. They came up with themselves. There’s no party any more. It’s chaos. Anybody can just decide they want to be the Republican nominee, and make a run for it. Carson? Trump? They’re in the lead, and they’re both out of their f*cking minds.”
Me: “That’s not reassuring.”
Him: “It’s a disaster. I’m telling you, if either of them is elected, this country is going to hell. The rest of them aren’t much better. I mean, Carly Fiorina? Really? Rubio? Please. Ted Cruz? Oh my god. And the people we thought had it sewn up, who are halfway sane — Bush and Christie — they’re sounding almost as batty as the rest.”
Me: “Who’s to blame for this mess?”
Him: “Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They’ve poisoned the American mind and destroyed the Republican Party.”

The problem he mentions is not one that is foreign to the politically astute on the left. We’ve known for some time that the Republican Party was being devoured from the inside out, but it simply isn’t our problem. The electorate is changing, and it has been for quite some time. Instead of slowly moving with the populous, they’ve moved a growing generation of voters further away from them.

Millennials are quickly fleeing conservative policies for those that embrace LGBT acceptance and are respectful of people of color. While the GOP is quickly running from a Telemundo debate and voters of color, support for the Tea Party is at the lowest point it has ever been, and even Colin Powell says the GOP has left him and his values. The GOP is dying and those republican members of Congress who are smart know it, and they should be afraid.

Featured image via HarvardEthics.