Caught Again: Two More Ben Carson Stories Appear To Be Made Up

Ben Carson’s classmates and a teacher from Southwestern High in Detroit told the Wall Street Journal they can’t confirm or verify yet another story from Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.

Carson told the conservative paper – whose editorial department was the first to encourage him to run for President – that in 1968, on the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, he protected white students from attacks from angry black students.

It is a dramatic account of courage and kindness, and it couldn’t be confirmed in interviews with a half-dozen of Mr. Carson’s classmates and his high school physics teacher. The students all remembered the riot. None recalled hearing about white students hiding in the biology lab, and Mr. Carson couldn’t remember any names of those he sheltered.

“It may have happened, but I didn’t see it myself or hear about it,” said Gregory Vartanian, a white classmate of Mr. Carson’s who served in the ROTC with Mr. Carson and is now a retired U.S. Marshal.

The Journal also uncovered another story from Carson that doesn’t pass the smell test. In his autobiography, Gifted Hands, Carson claimed that a Yale psychology professor told his class – Perceptions 101 – that their final exam papers had burned up and they had to retake the examination. Carson wrote that everyone but him walked out of the class, and then he was told the story was a hoax in order to find and award “the monest honest student in the class.” Carson then claimed a photo of him was taken by a photographer from the Yale Daily News.

The anecdote may have been completely made up:

No photo identifying Mr. Carson as a student ever ran, according to the Yale Daily News archives, and no stories from that era mention a class called Perceptions 301. Yale Librarian Claryn Spies said Friday there was no psychology course by that name or class number during any of Mr. Carson’s years at Yale.

This latest revelation comes as Carson finds himself under fire for bizarre statements and what appear to be false claims about his background.

CNN was unable to find anyone from his past to verify a story about him stabbing a “close relative” when he was a child, while Politico reported that Carson’s claim that he was offered a “scholarship” to West Point that he turned down also appeared to be untrue.

Carson has positioned himself as the candidate of choice for Christian conservatives, but as his background comes into conflict with the biblical admonishment to not bear false witness, the future may become rocky for the former neurosurgeon.

Old footage was also uncovered in which Carson claims that the ancient pyramids in Egypt were not burial grounds but rather grain storage silos built by biblical figures.

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