Morning Joe Makes Fun Of Ben Carson: Does He Think Noah Built The Eiffel Tower

This week, BuzzFeed unearthed a video of a commencement speech Ben Carson gave in 1998 at Andrews University where he went a little off script and started pondering about the real origins of the pyramids in Egypt. As a colleague wrote:

“God helped the biblical patriarch known as Joseph to erect the huge monuments (not true) to serve not as tombs but as grain silos (definitely not true).”

Typically, Morning Joe serves as MSNBC’s place where republicans don’t feel threatened by the “liberal media.” Former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough gives GOP candidates and officials the easy road, but that certainly didn’t happen on Thursday morning’s show. When Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski reported on the topic, they seemed shocked and confused.

Columnist Eugene Robinson had no idea how to respond. “I’m completely speechless, I mean what can you say about that?” he said. Speechless indeed.

Scarborough seems to abide by the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” rule when it comes to the GOP, but even he struggled with a way to spin it. “Yeah… but…. you could say, ‘I was drunk when I gave that speech and now I take it back,'” was the only genius idea he could come up with. While it may seem like Ben Carson is always on muscle relaxers or stoned, as far as we know, that’s really just his manner.

“We have really gone into a realm where we haven’t been before,” Robinson said. “So, I think there are a lot of follow-up questions that we can ask.”

The questionable history lesson from Carson to the University indeed begs even more questions about Carson’s views on historic events. Scarborough wants to know how old Carson thinks the earth is, for example.

“If you say something like that you, for a conservative, opened the door. Do you believe the earth is 5,000 years old. Do you believe it’s billions of years old? Because this is some really, really quirky stuff… I wanna know if he thinks Noah built the Eiffel Tower.”

Or the Wall of China, hell even Mt. Rushmore. Did Jesus walk with the dinosaurs? I mean, these are real questions the frontrunner of the GOP should answer.

Check out the video below – it’s pretty hilarious:

Featured image via video screen capture from Wikimedia and Gage Skidmore.