After Mass Walkout Protest, Student Who Posted Racist KKK Lynching Message Identified (VIDEO)

A rather disturbing message was found on California’s Berkeley High School computers on Wednesday at 12:30pm. It referenced the KKK and used racist language related to African-Americans, as well as threatened that there would be a “public lynching” on December 9th. The message seemed to be a screen shot of the school’s library web page that was modified to include the message, and was found on a library computer. School officials say the system wasn’t hacked and the live school website wasn’t actually altered to display the message.

That didn’t stop students from holding a massive demonstration to show their opposition to the message. 2,000 to 3,000 students walked out of the school on Thursday.

“This is a hate crime and messages such as this one will not stand in our community,” said Principal Sam Pasarow in an e-mail to the school community late Wednesday. “I assure you that we are giving this investigation the utmost attention, as well as involving the Berkeley Police Department.”

Teachers, principals, campus police and other administrators joined the students and celebrated their activism district spokesman Marc Coplan told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We really understand the students’ pain, their anguish and their fear and are doing everything we can to work with Berkeley police and other agencies to figure out what happened,” Coplan said. “Our students are hurting tremendously. They’re weeping. They’re crying.”

Thursday evening, district spokesperson Marc Coplan released an update on the situation, saying that the student responsible has been found. The name of the teenager has not been released as he or she is a minor, but the person submitted a full statement to school officials accepting responsibility for the disgusting act.

“We’ve had success with the investigation,” Coplan said. “They have identified the individual student involved.”

The school considers the matter closed and has passed on all of the information to the local police.

With so many people talking about how “kids these days” don’t care, it’s clear that young people do. When the moment presents itself, young people do stand up against intolerance. That is the hope that the future needs.

Featured image via video screen capture.