BUSTED: That Time John Kasich Got Caught Selling Pot On The Reagan Campaign Trail (TWEETS)

Ohio Governor John Kasich sometimes comes across as almost sane. A lone beacon of light on a stage full of stupid. As others call a deal that eliminates the threat of a nuclear Iran the worst thing ever, Kasich embraced it for what it is… a decade of assurances and plenty of time to plan. He’s taken an almost-acceptable, moderate stance on enough things that he may even be an attractive choice to moderate independents.

The problem is, his lack of crazy loses him the base he needs to make it to the big show, relegating him to the role of debate sideshow freak. Be that as it may, Kasich has put on quite a show; one that may earn him some recognition in the future. At least that’s how it looked until his old boss on the Reagan campaign, Donald Trumps old pal Roger Stone, tweeted this:

Kasich and Co. went into immediate damage control. They say that Kasich’s supervisor on the ’76 campaign was Charlie Black, who called Kasich “very diligent.” Roger Stone, confronted with allegations that he’s a liar, stood his ground and confirmed his story:

For most people, a shrug and a reminder that 1976 is but a distant memory would suffice, as marijuana has lost its stigma. For a Republican? If anyone proves it, Kasich is finished. Republicans are all about hating anything good for America, and legalized marijuana is on that list. They bust out the old talking points of the fear campaigns they love so much. “Gateway drug” gets ignorant heads nodding. The results of a year of success in Colorado do not seem to matter. American ideology when it comes to a harmless plant doesn’t matter.

It’s the devil. Plain and simple. If John Kasich is one of those bad guys Republicans think deserve 30 years in maximum security prison for an ounce of pot, he’ll lose every vote the base had left for him and take a spot just beneath Josh Duggar on the totem of hypocrisy.

Featured image via screen capture