#BlackLivesMatter Activist Brilliantly Slams ‘Uncle Tom’ Sheriff For Police Brutality Denial

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is a regular on Fox News. This is unsurprising, as he’s one of the few black people who is dumb enough to be used as their “proof” that right-wing racists are “not racist.” Sheriff Clarke is busily denying the systemic problem of racist policing and police brutality — he even once went on Fox and said that activists should “stop trying to fix the police” and “fix the ghetto.”

Well, Sheriff Clarke is back with more self-hating cooning for his slave masters at Fox, and prominent #BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King is here to call him out for it. First, here is the video that got King so fired up:

And here is the tweet in which King rightfully called Sheriff Clarke an Uncle Tom:

The best part of King’s blistering missive isn’t where he calls Clarke what he is. It’s the truth within. While Clarke sits on his throne over there at Fox being a useful black idiot for America’s racist white wing, people are dying. In fact, King put together a hand list of undeniable facts in his rebuttal to Clarke’s remarks, facts that prove police racism. Clarke says that “there is no racism in the hearts of police officers.” Well, King has proof that there is. Here is just a bit of that proof, courtesy of New York Daily News:

What about the 15 San Francisco Police Officers who were found to have sent texts about “hanging n——,” “killing n——-,” “hating the ——-” inside of the police department, burning crosses, and comparing black men to monkeys?

What about the 4 Fort Lauderdale Police Officers who sent texts about “getting drunk and killing n——-” and filmed a promo video for the KKK?

What about the 4 officers in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who texted about “hanging n—— from trees” and randomly texted each other messages like “I hate n——. That’s all.”

What about the 17 Miami Beach Police Officers who sent 540 racist text messages calling Black men in the department the n-word?

What about this officer or this officer who openly admitted they were leaders in the KKK?

Sheriff Clarke and those like him go on Fox and allow themselves to be held up so that right-wing racists can go, “See! This black guy agrees with us! We’re not racist at all!” But then again, that’s what coons and Uncle Toms do, so it’s not really all that surprising. Thankfully, we have brave activists like Shaun King to call them out. Keep on keeping, my brother. You are definitely needed.

Featured image via video screen capture