Arkansas Hunter Shoots 10-Year-Old Boy On Football Field In ‘Hunting Accident’ (VIDEO)

It’s hunting season again. As is tradition, America’s “responsible gun owners” are headed out in various parts of the country to shoot their favorite tasty animals (or, of course, to be a dick about it and just mount their heads on the wall). This magical time of year brings great joy to fans of senseless bloodshed, but it also reintroduces yet another fun aspect of shootin’ time — hunting “accidents.”

One careless Arkansas hunter, for example, managed to apparently mistake a 10-year-old boy playing football on a football field for Bambi’s mother. The boy was playing in a pee wee football game — yes, the loud, noisy sort — when all of a sudden a shot rang out and the child was struck by a bullet in the foot. Fortunately, the boy’s injuries from the shooting, which occurred around 1:45 on Saturday afternoon, are non-life threatening.

“When he was really bleeding he told my son-in-law ‘daddy, daddy I’m going to die I’ve been shot.'” Dena Busby, grandmother of the victim, told KCBD. “He said ‘no son you’re not going to die’.”

Though many news outlets are attempting to defend this senseless and irresponsible shooting by stating that the hunter was, as was originally reported, at a “hunting site,” commenters on social media point out that the shooter was in his back yard. Amanda Bryce-Barrett Hobson says she was present during the shooting.

“The football field is NOT NEXT TO A HUNTING SITE!!! Get your crap right!! It’s next to a house where a man was shooting into a field where a football game was being played!” Hobson wrote on WREG’s Facebook page. “The gun was fired directly from the house in the back yard to the field we were playing football in! NO WOODS AROUND!!! The guy ran hid the gun and then came out like nothing happened!!!”


Many agencies have “corrected” their stories to indicate that the shooter was in a “wooded area,” but commenters pointed out that this was incorrect, as well. “There is no wooded area near this field,” another commenter wrote. “There are stores, homes, and a farm field across the street.”


Forrest City Police say that they have a person of interest in custody, but no charges have been filed. They say they are investigating the shooting as an “accident,” but Busby wonders why someone would be armed where her grandson was playing football. “Why would a grown man have a gun where there is a bunch of children playing ball?” she asked.

Watch a report on this “accidental” shooting, below:

KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


Featured Image via WCTI12