Drunk Mom Of The Year Falls Out Of Pickup Truck, Three-Year-Old Takes Over Driving

After his drunken mother fell out of her pickup truck while driving along an Oklahoma highway, her heroic three-year-old son stepped in to drive the vehicle. He, of course, wasn’t the best driver in the world, being f*cking three, but the little boy bravely stepped in for the “Mother of the Year” candidate after she proved to be so intoxicated that she couldn’t stay in her vehicle.

Taola Foster faces drunk driving charges after she somehow slipped out of her vehicle while driving along State Highway 1 Wednesday morning. The Ada News reports that Supermom stood up and wandered along the roadside as her three-year-old son stood on the driver’s seat and steered the truck after mommy’s tumble out of the vehicle. Under the toddler’s expert guidance, the truck careened across four lanes of traffic before ultimately crashing onto a curb, which stopped the vehicle. Sure, he wouldn’t pass a driving test, but at least he tried to drive himself and his twin brother to safety — which is, of course, more than can be said for his mother. Besides, he was the most sober person in the car.

Fortunately, a passing motorist turned around and flashed his hazard lights to prevent other vehicles from crashing into the children. According to Supermom, one of the children unbuckled his safety belt, and she was trying to refasten it — while driving…and intoxicated, just like any good mother would. Somehow, this caused her to fall out of the truck.

When police arrived, they discovered an empty liquor bottle on the floor of the truck. Witnesses who stopped to help comforted the children as their mommy underwent a sobriety test. She had been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. The boys were released to the custody of their grandfather.

No children were harmed in the making of this story. Seriously, they both emerged unscathed.