Abortion Protester Who Wants To ‘Protect The Innocent’ Raped Family Member At Knifepoint

Pro-life birth protesters often loudly scream about how they are protecting the lives of millions of unborn babies from President Obama’s personal Auschwitz and fried chicken joints, Planned Parenthood and its allies. It’s like you can’t swing a cat at an abortion clinic without smacking an ignorant, Christofascist bigot who feels women do not have the intelligence or the right to make decisions about what goes into, comes out of, or inhabits their bodies.

Though most of the country supports a woman’s right to affordable health care options, a small but vocal minority in the Stupid Part of America screams at the top of their lungs that by allowing women to make a painful and difficult decision about what is best for their lives, we are doing the Dark One’s bidding, bringing about early-onset apocalypse, and (of course) selling baby parts.

Take this small group of very vocal, pure “Christians” in North Dakota (please!), for example. This group of awesome and amazing Christians are doing God’s work by standing outside an abortion clinic and yelling, as opposed to feeding the hungry or doing good works in their community like Satan wants. Speaking of Satan, they’re very angry that, like Addicting Info’s own “Green Power Ranger,” a man has been showing up to their anti-choice rallies and holding up signs that make them feel persecuted as they attempt to persecute others.

“I feel like someone needs to have a voice for the women,” Nik Severson said. Severson can be found outside the Red River Women’s Clinic, North Dakota’s only abortion clinic, trolling the f*ck out of the anti-abortion crowd. According to the aforementioned anti-choicers, their lone counter-protester hurt their feelings with his “Hail Satan” sign, and that it makes them feel just as “uneasy” as they make women feel as the protesters hurl insults and threats at those who are already doing something difficult as it is. But Severson says he is simply giving the group of bigots a taste of what they cause women entering the clinic to experience.

“It’s a hard decision for these women to make this decision. And they don’t need any more hateful messages. There’s pictures of dead baby fetuses out here and it’s just a circus out here,” Severson said. He explained that the loving Christians have threatened to sic dogs on him, threatened his life, shove things in his face, and otherwise harass him simply for expressing his views. “I do do the same thing that they’re doing to these ladies,” Severson said.

But, of course, the Jesus warriors outside the clinic complain that Severson won’t argue against their unreasonable, archaic, and rather moronic views. Bartholomew Schumacher explains that:

“He just wouldn’t engage. He just kept saying we’re oppressive white men who want to control women’s lives and stuff. I don’t want that. I just want protection of the innocent.”

It’s funny that Schumacher would say that…

Jezebel reports that Schumacher has an interesting interpretation of what “protecting the innocent” actually means. After all, one glance at the City of Fargo’s sex offender map reveals that this good, pure Christian was convicted in 2011 of raping a female family member.


According to a 2010 report, Schumacher beat the woman in the garage, then dragged her to the basement where he raped her. Afterward, he bound her hands and legs with electrical tape before taping her to a toddler bed. “She said while he was tying her up he was also kissing her and she thought it was a sick move and was very upset with the gesture,” the police report says. In addition, he repeatedly threatened his victim with a knife, making numerous motions that indicated he intended to slit her throat. She was given a Tupperware container in which to urinate.

After two hours of hell, the woman was able to escape to the safety of a neighbor’s home and call police. Jezebel reports that “Court records show Schumacher was convicted of gross sexual imposition, felonious restraint, and two counts of terrorizing his victim. He served a little less than one year in jail and remained on probation for the next five.” He is required to register as a sex offender until 2039 — well into Malia Obama’s second term as President.

Now that’s protecting the innocent!

As for Severson,  he isn’t quite so pure, either. In fact, his would-be allies say he is just attempting to garner some publicity so he can get on TV. An anonymous volunteer escort emailed Jezebel and explained:

I have escorted at RRWC since the summer of 2014, and have only felt uncomfortable a few times, and last week when Severson was at the clinic was one of those times. While I was there, he repeatedly approached escorts and asked their names (and what woman *doesn’t* love having a stranger repeatedly ask, “Hey, what’s your name? What’s your name?” as they are just trying to do what they’re doing?), and whenever people would stop to take pictures he would ask them to tweet at John Oliver so that he could get on John Oliver’s show. His actions made it pretty clear that he wasn’t there for the women but for himself.

I hope that Jezebel can set the record straight and stop praising a man who wasn’t making an already stressful situation worse.

The clinic itself just wants the madness to end. “We wish we had NO protestors – regular or counter out there,” Tammi Kromenaker, the director of Red River Women’s Clinic, wrote via email. “We wish our patients could enter the clinic free of harassment and stigma – just as they would when entering any doctor’s office or clinic.”

Severson seems to be an opportunist, but at least he didn’t rape a family member and tape them to a toddler bed like the leader of the anti-abortion side.

Featured Image via City of Fargo Sex Offender Map/WDAY